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The PSOE offers to Rajoy in parliament all their support in front of the secesionismo

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The PSOE offers to Rajoy in parliament all their support in front of the secesionismo

The president predicts "disappearance" of PDeCat; Government believes that Mossos will obey to Prosecutor's office

Health warns government that you may not use health centers

The Prosecutor's office ordered Mossos "requisen polls" and avoid 1-Or

The Constitutional suspends law of rupture of Parliament

A day after national Day and just a few hours later Constitutional Court has decided on temporary suspension of Law of Transience approved last week by Parliament and has given orders to Mossos, so that requisen any material necessary for holding of referendum planned by regional government for October 1, president of Government has predicted "disappearance" of PDeCat, former CDC, a victim of ir continuous electoral losses and its partnership strategy and submission to " most radical and extremists" from Catalonia to try to stay afloat. Prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, has also been in parliament all support of PSOE to prevent query secessionist.

Has been in plenary session of Senate focused today primarily on challenge of Catalan language. The shock dialectic between Government and pro-independence has once again been tough, but arguments of one and or have not changed, although it has increased list of reproaches for each or.

The President of Government, has accused representative of PDeCat -and hence to Junts pel Itself and to government - of "attempting to liquidate in two days national sovereignty and 500 years of History", in addition to trampling on all procedures of parliament and "violate" it, " rights of deputies and of citizens". "They have divided you, Parliament and society," said Rajoy senator Josep LLuís Cleríes, before you accuse him of "threatening" to media and to mayors.

The president has recommended to senator from former CDC to do "self-criticism" if you want to avoid that your party disappears, drowned out by extremism of CUP.

After confrontation between Cleríes and Rajoy, new spokesman of PSOE in Senate, Ander Gil, has offered Government "full support" of his party to face challenge of independence. "You have full force of law and rule of Law and PSOE are going to be at your side; have no doubt," said socialist, who has made fully responsible of situation of threat is now living State to Generalitat. She has attributed "jump to emptiness" and "race to nowhere" in which he has embarked to citizens of Catalonia.

Gil, however, he remembered that part of deterioration of democracy that is now live in Catalonia and disaffection of a part of ir society shows towards State is to blame for attitude of PP for its "successor" to aspirations of catalans and by "opposition politician" of Government.

senator of The PSOE has defended a solution based on principles of justice, equal rights and recognition of uniqueness and insisted that "only law is not enough" to solve problem with Catalan.

Rajoy has shown to be in agreement with se approaches and has been willing to sit to dialogue with PSOE on same when its secretary-general you want. However, he warned that now, three weeks 1-Or, what corresponds is to make a common front against those who "violate rights and fundamental freedoms".

The Government believes that Mossos will obey to Prosecutor's office

The vice-president of Government, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, he has made sure that Mossos d' Esquadra will obey orders of public Prosecutor Superior of Catalonia, after which this morning instructions have been received by this body to prosecute previous acts of celebration of referendum for independence, convened by government to 1st of October. In halls of Senate Sáenz de Santamaría has said that "all world is subject to law, decisions of courts and of Prosecution, and Forces and Bodies of Security of State, I have no doubt that will be on side of legality and for respect of rights of all citizens".

From Government are in no doubt of action of Mossos, despite recognizing that some of ir agents may be pro-independence. In contrast, Executive has not given today, no credit, recent calls for dialogue made by president of Generalitat, Carles Puigfdemont,, and to possibility of holding a consultation, agreed in next few years. To vice-president is only a "communication strategy". In his opinion, offered "dialogue" to try to counter its "image of radicalism" but on or side "will want to put above law". "No one will be slightest doubt that rule of Law, with all of ir strength, will replace law". "The referendum can't agree," said Saenz de Santamaria.

Health warns government that you may not use health centers

The Government has warned today publicly to government that you may not use health centers to celebrate query-1 Or, after declarations of a council member for ERC in which he alluded to this possibility. The minister of Health, Dolors Montserrat, has said that this may not occur, despite fact that powers are ceded to autonomous communities. "We're not going to allow that pervierta dignity of patients and professionals using m as a tool to break Spain in a referendum that has been declared illegal by Constitutional Court."

With warning already released, Executive will wait for Government formalized intention of putting polls in primary care centers, as an alternative to lack of or local assigned by local councils. "At that time Government will act", said minister. In this sense, since it is expected that Generalitat can use data from health cards to set up census, and also option of Government Delegation to send letters to all health-care facilities to notify that y can not be used as hypotical polling places. In many cases se are schools that are not even open on Sundays to cater to emergency department.



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