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The real problem Catalan

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The real problem Catalan

If our ills come from Spain, solutions, naturally, require less Spain. That is, discourse of pro-independence and result is a broken society. And it is so because its project assumes exclusion as a principle regulator

unlike what happens in science, imprecision is a habit in politics: defense of change, need to look “forward,” claims of understanding. You know chatter. And your why: inaccuracy cannot be quantified. As you know casters of cards, even a Buddha incapacitated “something will happen”.

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Defense of activist

One of vagaries of more use editorial is claim dialog. Who is not in favor? “Rajoy”, it triggers Pavlov. Miraculously, in this case a natural experiment allowed to refute topic. And it is recorded: when, in a memorable ridicule you ran out of time to answer to two radio journalists who, posing as Puigdemont, called Moncloa. When you want and where you want it, more or less. And almost: about what you want.

No, problem with Catalan is not a result of “lack of dialogue”. Here have dialogued all, or, better said, all have given for good successive demands of nationalists. The first, Aznar: collection of personal income TAX (33%), VAT (35%), excise taxes (40%); multiple transfers, including powers of Civil Guard, Mossos; abolition of mili; elimination of civil governors; extensions to port and Barcelona airport, AVE; additional channels of DTT; defenestration of Vidal-Quadras; stoppage of arrival of Constitutional of a law on language policy that Aznar knew unconstitutional. For a book. Some were of justice or efficiency, and good y were. Ors are not: y had to do with construction of identity and of that which is now called “structures of State”. The germ.

In reality, sis of lack of dialogue is indebted to anor also steamy: problem of Catalan. The dialogue would seek to, we are told, to resolve “ problem of catalonia”. Do not make more questions, because no one accurate. Well, yes, nationalists; in essential, no decoration, its sis is that catalans have right to self-determination because we are colonized: ignored in our cultural identity and dispossessed. Invaded, said Puigdemont. The reality belies tale: cultural identity ignored and despised is a wide majority of catalans who, for a start, y can't even escolarizarse in ir mor tongue; economic exploitation, a bad joke, if one takes into account that two hundred and peak positions of government charge more than Rajoy, including Puigdemont, which charges double. And if y still have any questions: ask where is street Spanish “more expensive” (and incidentally, cheapest). Definitely, Spanish as colonists, morons. But lie has been imposed, and with it ir drips sentimental to describe “ problem” and ir solutions: comfort, fit, feel, dear, disaffection, make Spain attractive.

Here have talked all and all have been given for good successive demands of nationalists

once it is accepted that description of problem, orems are fired. If our evils come from Spain, solutions, naturally, require less Spain. Anor orem: if any problem you can chalk up to Spain, nationalism has undeniable incentives to create problems. Lives of m. The third: those who accept that description has you buy your involvement complete: independence is only a matter of time. The limit of a mamatical function. The station term of “always a little more” that has brought us where we are. Nationalism knows and that's why blackmail does not stop: independence, or something to change, which is also independence. The third way is second.

The problem of Catalan is immediately anor: a broken society. But not because yes. The gap is tight application of a project that assumes exclusion as principle regulator. Simply browse lexicon thrown daily to dissenting opinion, eir: sucursalista, botifler, anticatalán, Spanish, traitor. The semantic field it is clear: you are not a fellow citizen but a foreigner. From that perspective, it illuminates what happened this time: flags of party who rule institutions of all; accusations and fear of being identified; harassment of families who claim to bilingual education; lynching of journalists, intimidation in universities. The contempt of parliamentary proceedings was not a circumstantial heat, but an implication of a nationalism that presents itself as “ Catalan people”. Forcadell said in his day: PP and Citizens are foreigners. And abroad, in Parliament, not allowed to speak. It is not that nationalism, suddenly, to behave badly. The evil is in his nature.

The problem, to put it clear, it is nationalism, whose program's last, for now, is quintessence of limitation of rights: creation of a new State through appropriation of a part of population and territory of a State pre-existing. In one part of a territory that was all, and that y now reserve for mselves, y decide to deprive ors of citizenship. In this sense, it is coming to or ideologies and conceptions of world that assume that certain citizens, to participate in certain features (white, male), may limit rights of ors. The issue is of freedoms and rights. The contempt of law, that is, fear.

we May be in time to pick up a left truly committed to equality and reason

If that is diagnosis, takes on anor sense, anor vagueness in circulation: need to provide policy responses. Yes, re are that offer m, but not as seems to be understood typically to satisfy one who does not aspire to be content, but in its sense as more worthy, as a debate of ideas, as a political critique. This is not to invest more in Catalonia for which “we are happy”. If you reverse so that we do not get angry, anger is insured. Off. If it invests, it must be because it is of justice within a community of assessment, shared Spanish citizens, free and equal. Something unintelligible to a nationalism that do not care about ir fellow citizens, but what y can get from ir fellow citizens. There is No argument more indecent that “comes to mind”. If it is, contemplate possibility of voting on removal of Extremadura. The losers never leave account.

The problem of Catalan is to believe that re is a problem in Catalan, which tell us nationalists. The problem is a reactionary ideology and radically antigualitaria and, if y want to complete box, respect self-conscious of left is incapable of criticizing it. It is not that dare not, is to defend it.

After rush of nationalistic, re are signs that things may be changing. Respected militant of left-franco, among m, trade unionists and decent with readings, seem to have fallen on account of what y have in front, what, what to ignore, had to his side and fed m. Better late than never. We may be in time to pick up a left truly committed to equality and reason. The or, reactionary, spare copies.

Félix Ovejero is a professor of University of Barcelona.

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