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The there is hullaballoo around the estate of the author of the SAS

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The there is hullaballoo around the estate of the author of the SAS

The heirs of Gerard de Villiers, far of famous series of spy novels SAS, are at loggerheads for control of publishing house that bears his name.

Umpteenth plot twist, Wednesday 13 September, tribunal of commerce of Paris to try to untangle knot of succession of Gérard de Villiers, author of series SAS, spy novels also sulphur as machismo. A representative could be appointed to represent co-ownership among heirs in publishing company of SAS . This is to resolve question of control of company, which manages fund of 200 adventures of prince Malko Linge. The only way for a general assembly to approve accounts.

Married four times, Gerard de Villiers, who is always described as " decidedly to right, liberal, anti-communist, anti-islamist, anticommunautariste, anti-socialist ", had two children, Michael and Marion. Christine de Villiers, one of his wives, manages, since its creation in 1998, company that publishes SAS. Despite millions of books sold and translated into 17 languages, Gérard de Villiers, grand big-time gambler, died in debt in 2013. And heirs are unable to agree on anything, except one thing : re will be no sequel to SAS. It was wish of ir creator.

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Dialogue of deaf

All rest is a source of discord, hatred annealed and dialogues of deaf by lawyers stepped in to recover a hypotical nest egg. Michael and Marion accuse ir mor-in-law mismanaged company. "The children want to seize what ir far has created, while y were more for thirty years," explains Christine de Villiers, who performs " do everything to ensure that SAS are not forgotten ".

executor of The will of writer, Eric Morain, left place to head judicial, Isabelle Didier, who manages publishing house for fifteen months. The estate is not settled. Christine de Villiers, who owned half Editions Gérard de Villiers ( or half being owned by author of novels station), said control now capital of publishing company, which is challenged by both children and administrator of justice.

The accounts are no longer filed since end of 2012. To exploit fund, Christine de Villiers appears each month, four titles, printed at Editis. The series should be republished by 2020. In United States, a subsidiary of Random House in markets five. No contract has been signed for audiovisual rights. "The Americans have asked me to send in SAS, which are located in countries that concern United States : North Korea, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and Russia," says Christine de Villiers. She has not received any return.


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