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The War on Drugs: beyond of the greatness

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The War on Drugs: beyond of the greatness

The album of band u.s. receives a rating of 8 5 out of 10

re is Always a before and an after. Up in day to day lives, always pauses for a moment, that changes existence or transforms our vision of world. In music, a particular disc tends to mark future of success, but also character of an artist, that intangible that, in best of cases, admire, own and strange, and endures in memory to be sustained as a unique value. The War on Drugs had a turning point with Lost in Dream, an ambitious work, published in 2014, born of sleepless nights of his creator, Adam Granduciel, leader of group. There were explored extremes of fantasy and longing under a mantra complex roots, folk, urban rock of seventies and ambient pop of eighties. Listening to that album was like drowning in an ocean of sensory. The culmination perfect to what I had done to group of Philadelphia since its debut in 2008 and, especially, after also very prominent Slave Ambient.

Artist: The War on Drugs

Album: A Deeper Understanding

Label: Atlantic / Warner

Rating: 8’5 out of 10

With A Deeper Understanding, ir fourth album after first two Eps and first in a record label big as Atlantic, just go beyond. The War on Drugs just crossed limits of after. Installed from Lost in Dream as a reference inside last great batch of indie-rock from north america, with bands of caliber of Band of Horses, The National, Hiss Golden Messenger, Dr. Dog, Grizzly Bear, The Avett Brors, Granduciel and his awesome entourage have forged a formidable character and raised bar a good inch above rest. The brand is mselves. Are your own reference, as it was at beginning of this century with Wilco, that overflowed with universe of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and were in ir own galaxy with A Ghost Is Born.

indeed, Granduciel has a lot of Jeff Tweedy. Controls with an iron fist to band —to point that talented Kurt Vile decided to fly solo after first album— and live immersed in his obsession for sound, also resulted in his determined study of crusades artistic totem such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young and, especially, Bruce Springsteen. Next to Tweedy, is his or great connection, camouflaged in ir deep and poetic evocations. Granduciel, who writes, produces and plays several instruments on disc, is forgotten in blinding brightness of Springsteen room. Chasing ir shadows. Between palpable and ereal, A Deeper Understanding is like a Darkness on Edge of Town with a sound expansive, you get a quadrature of a circle unthinkable: join prism spectral moments of indie Joy Division or Echo & Bunnymen with a shy touch of AOR in style of Fleetwood Mac.

Just first verse of impulsive Up All Night, song that opens album, to be set in oppressive emotional landscapes of Granduciel, who also had a before and after in your life by focusing only on music and let falling night of alcohol and drugs. “I don't know why I've been away / why don't I believe in something auntic”, says. “I want to find what cannot be found”, it says in bucolic Pain. But, like Springsteen of late seventies, re are epic without glory and search for redemption, before loneliness, weight of past and lack of love in ir surrounding atmospheres, desparramándose unstoppable —until 11-minute Thinking of a Place— in those strokes decorative acoustic guitars, sax, harp, harmonica, synsizers, drums and pianos and organs to suit all tastes —a Wurlitzer, a Hammond, a Melotrón, a Yamaha, a Prophet 5...—.

What do you with urgency in Holding On, and Nothing to Find, by referring also to spirit of early Arcade Fire, and with a seductive sway in Strangest Thing, where it is recognized to live “in space between beauty and sorrow”. Is space hypnotic The War on Drugs. A band that owns its own terms, where, beyond greatness, more greatness. Few can achieve it.


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