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The weight is sold from 100 TL, burns the pockets

Among the 20-30 pounds of Acorn, Lüfer is sold for 100 pounds of weight. In Çanakkale, the fish prices are in the ceiling due to the cooling of the weather in recent days...

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The weight is sold from 100 TL, burns the pockets
The weight is sold from 100 TL, burns pockets entry date: 4.10.2017 10:21 acorns 20-30 li Between Ra, Lüfer is sold for a weight of 100 pounds.

In Çanakkale, fish prices have made ceiling due to cooling of wear in recent days. The price of acorn fish stalls, which fell up to 5 TL last year, was sold between 20-30 pounds compared to its size, whereas Lüfer is sold at 100 pounds per kilo.

As of September 1st, fishermen ' Vira Bismillah said, with rise of ban on hunt. In recent days in Canakkale The wear is cold, fish prices are burning hands.

Last year, price of bonito falling up to 5 TL is scarce this year, according to size of fish stalls sold 20, 25, 30 pounds. Lüfer sells from 100 pounds, mackerel, bream, sea bass, 40 lira, anchovy 20, Istavrit 15 lira, sardines 10 lira sold.

Hasan Uysal, Chairman of Association of Aquaculture cooperatives in Canakkale region, " season has begun. The 27th of September is a black chestnut. The black chestnut made it on time this year. The wear's been blowing for about 3-4 days.

That's why some fish prices are high, but frankly, we think it's a little more appropriate in October. Neverless today acorns are 15 pounds, 20 lira, sardines, 10 lira, sardines in style that can still renew more fish. Istavrit 15 lira, anchovy 15 lira 20 lira. If wear is a little more suitable, boats will be able to hunt better. I think prices will be a little more appropriate this next week.

The acorn is now on normal season. Why is that? The air is blowing, because it's a little scarce. Lüfer is beginning of new season, Turfanda. Since it is Turfanda, nowadays weight is sold from 100 pounds. In Istanbul, 40 pounds, 50 pounds higher. In October, we think price of Lüferin will be a little more appropriate, "he said.


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