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There is no dam sign

Due to the drought of the season in the Karaclar Dam, which is located within the boundaries of Yapı village of Sivas District, the dwindling waters caused the emergence of old cemeteries.

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There is no dam sign

The village of Yapali, located 8 kilometers away from district of Ulas in 2008 to meet need for irrigation of villagers in Karacar Dam, dry season due to drought of almost no water.

Karacalar Dam came to point of drying

With withdrawal of dam waters, old cemeteries flooded with water began to be held in dam to warn those entering barracks, signboard was left to function because of water was lost. In recent years, rainfall has been seen under normal seasons and effect of extreme temperatures has come to point of drying dam.

Yapali Village Imam Hatibi began to serve in village in 2004, saying that waters were withdrawn from that day, "The village cemetery was flooded with elevation of dam during period when dam was made. From 2004 onwards, village cemetery began to emerge when waters started to withdraw. The rest of cemetery was surrounded by wires and secured. With withdrawal of waters, houses of cemetery, village land and villagers were revealed. The location of water in 2004 was less than 1-2 kilometers away, and level decreased as waters retreated. The citizens of fields from under waters began to re-Annex. The field that comes from under waters has no yield and does not match old one. The state does not allow landings because land is being requested. The 14 villages under dam were watering. This year, water was completely withdrawn. It was given a lot of interruptions during period. The last 1-2 months have not been given, potato and beet in field is experiencing boredom, "he said.


The Karaclar Dam has arrived at drying point. The old cemeteries that remained underwater were on face of day.

Selahattin Yuksel living in village was about 15 years of construction of dam, stating that it dried over time, " end of dam was about 15 years. Our dam has dried up over time. This was our most fertile land. Our neighbors used to be beet and clover to eat animals. We had Kavaklı's. With dam done, y were all underwater. Our cemetery emerged with drying of waters. We've turned non-flooded parts of our cemetery. A few of m are underwater. When waters retreated, our cemetery came back. In this case, our headman has removed our graves. There was a lot of water before. The dam has dried up because it does not rain, "he said.


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