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They poisoned the animal protection Day & #39.

Antalya 'd A 3 stray dogs were poisoned by unidentified persons and then hung from her paw to the fence. In the Manavgat Side & #39;d E, a person was severely injured by kicking the kitten lying in front of the door.

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They poisoned the animal protection Day & #39.

On 4th of October animal Protection Day, re were incidents in Antalya that rebelled with animals lovers. Konyaaltı District of Gürsu District 328 Street Dog, 3 stray dogs, unidentified persons or people were poisoned by ir paws after fence was hung. Three dead dogs were buried by street residents. After incident, police acted on security cameras in vicinity, suspected of poisoning dogs, or chasing suspects.

Kick kitten In resort Side of Manavgat, cat kicked event occurred on September 29. One of four kittens who saw a person coming out of apartment. The kitten, who was struck garden wall by unidentified person, struggled on ground for a long time. The guy who threw kick went on road like nothing happened. A woman living in apartment that witnessed incident, took cat to vet and treated her for treatment. For 5 days, ongoing treatment of cat's vital danger was stated. Following image, apartment manager Temujin Taş, reported status of animal rights associations. The investigation was initiated upon state of Gendarmerie.


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