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They were caught stealing the monitor instead of the vault.

Adana & #39;d A job in a place of theft, surveillance footage of the security camera was captured when the computer left the vault and stole the monitor.

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They were caught stealing the monitor instead of the vault.

In Adana, work of steel safes and computer-stealing thieves, security camera to destroy image of computer vault instead of monitor, collar has taken over. The burglary suspects didn't recognize mselves in images and identified ir friends. According to information obtained, furniture on site of IR District Güzelevler neighborhood, Bekir Crimea, when he came to work in morning, computer, security camera monitor and steel case when he noticed that police called. Adana Police Commissioner Selami Yildiz, for illumination of incident in order to establish a special team by instructing office of burglary. The special team, created from experienced detectives, immediately initiated review by going to work instead. In examination, four people came to work instead of side of source section of suspended lock and entered inside of wall, and n went through demolished walls determined that. Police analyzed security camera, and found that three people were in and one person was scouting. chassis replaced monitor

The thieves pulled out steel case y thought would be money first and put m in cart. Then he stole his computer from workplace. The thieves who noticed security camera wanted to eliminate footage to avoid getting caught. But puzzled thieves took monitor instead of vault of security camera. These moments were viewed by security camera of workplace.

suspected thieves accused ir comrades Police security camera footage of individuals Mehmet (33) and his bror Musa U. (28) and Serdar D. (24) and R.T. (17) determined that. Police first raided house of Serdar D. 's Beautifulevler neighbourhood and captured suspect. The person accepted crime in his testimony and gave names of friends y were performing. The police have initiated work to capture two brors and suspects whose age is small.

The two brors who were captured and secured by police did not accept ft of testimony y gave to police. But when police watched security camera and asked, "Are se not you?" The suspects said, "No, we are not, that person in image is familiar, and that people in images are mselves." "I'm not a red shirt" He also told me that Serdar D. Was pulling a knife and taking his electric bike to take safe and bags in sack. Mehmet U. said he had beaten Serdar D. In neighborhood several times, so he said he had slandered him. After suspects were taken, y were taken to forensic unit and passed through medical control. Musa U., a red T-shirt on witnesses, said to members of press, "I'm not person who robbed red shirt." The suspects were referred to court after procedures of safety of R.T. was learned.


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