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Toki Lottery Results 2 The excitement began! -2017 Toki Kayaşehir draw results at this address

Last minute news-came the day of waiting for citizens eagerly awaiting the dream of owning a host. Toki 2 1 housing Draw results in certain...

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Toki Lottery Results 2 The excitement began! -2017 Toki Kayaşehir draw results at this address
Toki Lottery Results 2 The excitement began! -2017 Toki Kayaşehir lottery draw results at this address: 4.10.2017 10:46 date of renovation: 4.10.2017 10:52 The day of waiting for citizens eagerly awaiting dream of owning a host came. Toki 2 1 housing draw results are evident. Toki Kayaşehir Lottery Draw will be held on 4 and 5 October. The raffle, which starts today and will be followed curiously, ends tomorrow. Toki Kayaşehir Lottery Draw results can be traced to moment in morning. com. tr. The draw of 2017 Toki Kayaşehir lottery, where thousands of citizens eagerly await, begins today. As a priority, excitement of Toki Kura results began in morning hours full of curiosity to draw 2 1 residences. As a result of citizens waiting with hope of having a host, Toki draw results of lottery will be able to learn under this title. Here are all details about 2017 Toki Kayaşehir lottery draw... When is results of Toki lottery draw announced? According to official explanation, lottery draw will be broadcast live from official website of Toki. The excitement of raffle will take on Wednesday, October 4th and October 5th. Collective results will be announced on Friday, October 6th. toki Kayaşehir Lottery descriptionIstanbul Kayaşehir 868 Ada 5 parcels, 919 Ada 4, 6 and 9 Parseller, 917 Ada 6 parcels with 869 Ada 10 and 11 Parin scope of mass housing applications built by our administration, 1,892 units The residence is offered for sale by means of Turkish people bank A. Ş through all branches of Istanbul Province between September 05 and September 20, 2017. Istanbul Kayaşehir 1,892 units in housing project 05-20 September 2017 between and rights ownership and housing determination shall be held on 4-5 October 2017 at Yahya Kemal Beyatlı Exhibition Center. The draw will start at 10:00 p.m., and 2 1 residences on October 4, and 1 1 type of residences after 3 1 residences before 5-ecchydate. Furrmore, trading process can be monitored live from our Administration website. The application lists are stated below, and valid and invalid references will also be announced upon completion of application checks.

The contract for winners of house on October 16th

As a result of purchase of a residential residence by gaining right of residence or number of housing in order of application of selection of buyers by applicant; After deducting fee, 25% or 40% of prepayment price, remaining amount will be signed by Turkish People's Bank Inc. Ikitelli Branch between dates of 16 October – 07 November 2017 to sign real estate sales agreement.

Installments a month after contract begins

Installment payments will be initiated by month following date of contract signing. The debit balance and monthly installments will be raised twice a year, regardless of date of contract signing, with salary increase rate of officer in previous 6-month period, in January and July of each year. The first 6 months of periodic increase since January 2018

Close to 40 thousand applications were made

Toki Kayaşehir transfer to medium revenue layer for lottery for sale of thousand 892 social Conuta 39 thousand 179 applicants came to transfer Turan, 2 1 Residences on October 4, on Thursday before 3 1 residences, and n 1 1 type of residences to establish The lottery. Turan, a thousand 892 residential culture developed with "neighbourhood concept" to take place in lottery draw attention, noting that "we all seek, belonging to se lands, different income groups meet in same neighborhood, residents of neighborhood, It is social living areas where esnafin is intertwined and we will be happy with solidarity, which finds body in concept of ' neighborhood culture '. " Kayaşehir project will live in neighbourhood culture Turan, "this project, passing through street, one-storey shops, bicycle routes, sports areas, mosques and bazaars opened in a large square, a café and There is a neighborhood concept with restaurants. 0-5 years of pre-school children's group, university youth, women, men, all population profiles, we thought of social needs. "


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