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Trump gets Iranian Revolutionary Guards on the list of sanctions

US President Trump has announced sanctions on Iran. Trump said they took the Iranian Revolutionary Guard on the sanctions list, citing ' support for terrorism '.

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Trump gets Iranian Revolutionary Guards on the list of sanctions

"If we cannot reach a solution with our congressmen and allies, n deal will be cancelled," US president Donald Trump said, noting that his country would not leave nuclear treaty with Iran for now. The agreement is under review and our participation at any time may be cancelled by me as president, "he said.

Trump announced US new Iranian strategy with a press release in White House.

Noting that US will not withdraw from nuclear treaty with Iran at this stage, Trump said y would enter a closer working process with relevant countries and Congress.

"The deal will be cancelled unless we reach solution"

"If we cannot reach a solution with our congressmen and allies, n deal will be cancelled. The review of agreement continues and at any time our participation may be cancelled by me as president, "he said.


Starting today, he stressed that Congress will work closely with its own management on nuclear deal, Trump, "The House of Representatives and Senate leaders began working on a bill that would fix Iran's nuclear treaty. In this way, Iran will be prevented from developing intercontinental ballistic missiles, and all restrictions on Iran's nuclear activities will become permanent according to US law, "he said.

The White House did not have a "confirmation" for first time

Since signing of agreement (once every 3 months) has been reported to Congress that Iran is not complying with this agreement, Trump said, "I declare that we shall not grant or give this consent in light of facts I reveal today," he told Setimes.


In this way, US administration has announced first time since 2015 that it does not accept "Iran has complied with terms of agreement".

Iranian Revolutionary Guard on sanctions list

One of most remarkable points in Trump's new Iranian strategy was sanctions on Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

"We begin to implement our strategy, bringing hard sanctions to Iranian Revolutionary Guard Army, a late step. I authorize Treasury Department to bring furr sanctions to all Revolutionary Guards, "he explained.

Accusing Revolutionary Guard of spreading terror in Middle East, Trump said, "These include weapons of dictator in Syria, elements y support to attack civilians in region, and a restaurant bombing plan in Washington D.C. It contains elements such as making. "


Trump is accusing Iran of "terrorist supporter"

Trump, he said:

"The aggression of Iranian dictatorship has continued so far. The regime continues to be world's leading terrorist supporter country and provides support to al-Qaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas and or terror networks. This regime is fueling sectarian violence in Iraq, civil wars in Yemen and Syria. Iran supports massacres of Bashar Assad regime in Syria; He let Assad use chemical weapons for innocent civilians, including children. "

"As I said many times, Iran's nuclear deal is one of worst and unilateral agreements United States has ever attended," Trump said, noting that Iran has been one of worst agreements with nuclear treaty since election campaign period.


"I wonder where all this money goes"

"The nuclear treaty has opened a political and economic habitat to Iran and allows for sanctions to lighten pressure of inside," said Trump, who defended Iran's "breathing" with agreement in 2015 and continued to support terrorism. At same time, regime brought in a financial relief of 100 billion dollars, which could be terror of terrorism. The regime received 1.7 billion dollars in cash from United States in same period. I wonder where all this money went, "he said.

Trump claimed that inspections were very weak and not sufficiently comprehensive, saying, "Only a certain amount of road to Iran's nuclear weapons has been delayed," he said.


"Iranian regime violates treaty"

Defending that Iranian regime violated treaty many times, Trump has exceeded water limit of 130 metric tonnes of heavy hydrogen, twice this country, and comprehensive inspection of international inspectors that could not meet expectations in advanced centrifuge operations He said he stopped him from doing it.

Trump also accused Tehran of cooperating with North Korea, saying that "many people think that Iran is cooperating with North Korea," and that such regimes should not be allowed.

Trump completed his words as follows:

"The Iranian treaty would contribute to regional and international peace and security by its definition. However, Iran is not tied to spirit of Treaty. In return, I'm announcing our new road map. First, we will work with our allies to prevent regime's destabilizing steps and support for terrorism. Secondly, we are to impose new sanctions on Iranian regime to prevent financing of terrorism. Thirdly, we will take a closer look at spread of regime's missiles and weapons that threaten region. And lastly, we reject all options that regime may have with nuclear weapons. "


The nuclear treaty, signed in 2015 by Iran and P5 1 countries (USA, UK, China, France, Russia and Germany), was one of Trump's most contested subjects since election campaign period.

After coming to mission, Trump, describing nuclear treaty with Iran as "one of worst deals made in U.S. history", was giving a message that he would take tough steps on Tehran.

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