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TSK launches operation in northern Iraq: 2 Commando teams entered

The ' Zap operation ', initiated by the TSK to withdraw from the north of Iraq and the movement of the terrorist organization PKK in the Zap Valley, secured the security of the Turkish military bases in northern Iraq as well as a secure area .

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TSK launches operation in northern Iraq: 2 Commando teams entered

After independence referendum of Iraqi Kurdish regional administration (IKBY) President Massoud Barzani, Baghdad and Tehran's joint operation on Kirkuk, Turkey's border crossing of Iraqi side of Habur Halil Ibrahim decided to transfer to Iraq Toger, intense military activity began on field. To date, he was providing security of transit routes that reached base areas of Turkish troops in north of Iraq. The movement was initiated to eliminate gap with withdrawal of peshmerga from field.

Terrorist organization moves

The PKK terrorist organization, who had opportunity, headed for area domination in region. The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), which initiated a search-screening activity to secure Zap valley, were ambushed by terrorist organization with hand-made explosives; Four soldiers were martyred. Newspaper Haberturk reported; TSK, F-16 and armed unmanned aerial vehicles (Siha) in region organized operation and 16 terrorists were killed. TSK, "The operation of PKK for attack on Zap zone was carried out" announced.

Advertising 2 Commando Team entered

The terrorists were infiltrated in Zap Valley, where 2 Commando teams entered Kokozer Mountain.

The TSK has been operating in north of Iraq for some time, with regular air bombardment, not to smuggle terrorists into this area and to ensure border security. This was avoided when crossing between PKK elements in norrn Iraq and Syria. The PKK presence in Sincar and Karabak was in pursuit. Ranging from Mosul to Bashka; Some kind of security zone was created in Duhok-Amedisheladüz. Now military operation has begun to establish a secured area in Zap Valley. This is not only necessary for safety of base zones on border, but also for security of elements of TSK in Zaho, Dohuk, Batufa, Bamerni, Ammaniye and Sulaymaniyah.

TSK, 172. Armored Brigade and 28th. Mechanized Brigade is continuing his military exercises on border. These troops are waiting on tape for extraordinary situations. If necessary, efforts are in place for creation of a buffer region or regions to south. The backup of Habur-Halil Ibrahim border crossing and Zaho commercial line measures physical control of oil route between Mosul-Piskabur-Silopi.



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