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TV3 disregards to the TC and still emitting the spot of the 1-Or

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TV3 disregards to the TC and still emitting the spot of the 1-Or

The Generalitat avoid publishing suspension of Referendum Act

Carme Forcadell and Board ignored complaint of TSJC

TV3, public television dependent on Government, continued to broadcast throughout day yesterday announcement that institutional calls participation to referendum of 1st of October. An act of disobedience by taking into account temporary suspension of Constitutional Court (TC) of call of query and all its preparations, including its advertising campaign. However, since chain alleged that suspension and subsequent judicial notice does not affect spot and yes to "administrative interns", in his own words, so y decided to continue with its issuance.

The own Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) referred yesterday to director of TV3, Vicent Sanchis, resolution of TC and advertimiento to a myriad of public officials -including himself - in which he reminds m that ir duty is to prevent or paralyse any initiative aiming at organization of referendum.

"Particularly refrain from initiating, processing, reporting and/or issuing, in scope of ir respective competencies, agreement, or any action that would allow preparation and/or holding of referendum on self-determination of Catalonia ( ... )," continues notification received by Sanchis, as can be seen in website of canal 3/24 of public television of catalonia.

In this sense, TSJC clarified yesterday via his official Twitter account that your advertimiento does not respond to any decision new, but only communicated resolution that you took on Thursday Constitutional Court.

despite fact that Sanchis received yesterday notice, TV3 continued emitting in afternoon institucional signed by Generalitat and called to participate in vote. In fact, director of public television, explained his reasons on news of night: "What y understand of legal services of chain is not not be able to report on referendum, which would be a prohibition unheard-of, but I did not I inform people that I am under instructions that I get from Government or any or instance and that reference directly to referendum,".

From direction of chain also argued that " notice does not describe specific acts", so that "we would have to make a query to high court". "The formalities of response are slow and surely it would come after 1 October", explained yesterday in his informative evening.

The Government keeps open yet anor front in case of suspension of Referendum Act. The warnings literals that ignore order of Constitutional Court (TC) to leave law without effect, have added anor lunge to High Court not to publish suspension in Official Gazette of Generalitat of Catalonia (DOGC), official gazette of Catalan language.

last Thursday, a day after plenary of Parliament approved law that guarantees 1-Or in a session loaded in tension, TC ordered his suspension as contrary to Constitution. In same car, High Court ordered publication of veto in DOGC and in BOE to give you letter of legal validity. The Government spread suspension through Official Gazette same day, Friday. The Government, however, has not yet given step to do so in DOGC. According to words of minister spokesperson, Jordi Turull, could not reach it.

Questioned about measure, minister of Presidency said that he did not know reason for which had yet to be published and shielded himself in overload of data published by DOGC: "get a lot of ads". Then, however, he added that Government "will obey publication of Referendum Law" and, by extension, it will ignore suspension.

Who also reaffirmed his stance of disobedience were president of Parliament, Carme Forcadell, and members are nationalists of Table, which yesterday received complaint by prevarication and disobedience presented by Prosecution and accepted for processing by TSJC on Law on Referendum. "No court will decide future of our country", said Forcadell after ensuring that intention of Prosecutor is to "curtail freedom of expression and right of initiative of deputies."

"No we are going to become censors of Government [Mariano Rajoy] unable to resolve problems politically", warned president of Parliament, putting special emphasis on idea that ir job is to "facilitate debate". " aim of Government via Constitutional Court is that Table becomes a mini-TC", said Forcadell, who linked this complaint with " escalation of tension in court to stop 1-Or".

on or hand, Government was put in contact yesterday with citizens who have been asked to collaborate as volunteers with organization of referendum of 1st of October (until Friday were 16,000). The people that have wanted to collaborate lead to being able to enroll in a web from days ago. This Tuesday, Government has sent a email to "verify" registration, which has had access Europa Press.


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