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Two files were merged in the MIT TIR & #8217;

Accused of stopping the MIT TIR ’ The case file, which was judged in the light newspaper, was combined with the case filed against two defendants in the news of the Court of Law, Can Dündar, Erdem Gul and Enis Berber and #8217;

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Two files were merged in the MIT TIR & #8217;

Istanbul 14. Closed trial in criminal court, combining case file defendants Orhan Ceyhun Bozkurt, defendants with Mustafa Ilker Yücel Erdem Gül and or criminal accused CHP Deputy Enis Berbanoğlu attended learned. Court Committee explaining interim decision on demands of defendants ' lawyers at hearing, case of trial of defendant Berbanoğlu lawyers, due to request of judge file Istanbul 15. He postponed trial by deciding to be sent to Criminal tribunal. Meanwhile, between Celse, Istanbul 14th. The former general broadcaster MUSTAFA Ilker Yücel and former intelligence chief Orhan Ceyhun Bozkurt about publication of Heavy Criminal Tribunal, light newspaper of images on cessation of MIT trucks ' ' state To security and disclosure of information that should remain confidential in relation to political wounds in case of a lawsuit filed from 5 to 10 years from crime of ' ', Dündar, Gul and Beroğlu ' ' is not included in hierarchical structure within organization, although organization knowingly and wanted to help, "it turned out that he decided to merge with case file y were charged with. opening in front of courthouse CHP deputies who came to courthouse to watch trial Sezgin Tanrikulu, Gürsel Tekin, Gamze Adıktaş iltoured, Peace yfriend and Nurettin Demir with CHP Istanbul provincial Chairman Cemal Canpol'in also made a statement of press. The statement by Enis Berbere's lawyer Murat Ergüoğlu's advocate, court-martial trial, said that y asked Tribunal to do procedure according to order and that everyone is not guilty, 20 December postponed at hearing that everything He said it would be clearer. tan Rikulu: Why is case closed? CHP Deputy Sezgin Tanrikulu criticized case closed, ' ' open judgment is prerequisite of fair judgment. Should be explained why it is closed. We couldn't watch trial, ' ' he said. can Polat: Aym should have its own decisions, President of province of Canpolat, arguing that case collapsed, " decision of Constitutional Court was not affiliated with fetus or or terrorist organisations. The local Court must also comply with this decision. Actually, re are two victims. One of m is Constitutional Court. The Constitutional Court must make ir own decisions. It is clear that this case is a lawsuit with political pressure. If fetus is sought, ruling should look at its surroundings, ' ' he said. Canpolat, release of all prisoners of deputies, a moment before legal shame to be returned, he said. The historyof case under investigation conducted by Istanbul Republic Prosecutor's office, Republican newspaper General publication director Can Dündar and Ankara representative Erdem Gul, "in terms of security of State or internal or external political benefits, To provide information that should remain confidential by nature of political or military espionage "," to disclose information that should remain confidential in terms of state's security or nature of internal or external political benefits " And he was arrested for "knowingly and willingly aiding" armed terrorist organization. Istanbul 14th. The heavy Criminal Tribunal announced decision on Dündar and Gul on May 6, 2016, on grounds of Republic newspaper for information and photographs that should remain confidential for cessation of MIT aid trucks. The court punished Dündar for 5 years, 10 months, and Gul for 5 years in prison for "disclosure of information that state should remain confidential" crime. "By using algebra and violence to eliminate Government of Republic of Turkey, or to prevent it from partially or completely attempting to do its duties", Dündar and Gul decided to acquit court, "without a member of armed terrorist organization Knowingly and willingly, " guilt of aiding" presence of fetus/pdy organization is not present in direction of a definite judicial provision, provision of entity to help an organization that is not yet a definite judicial provision in form of conviction The file was ruled by separation of "grounds". Istanbul 14th. Erdem Gul and can dündar at trial of public trial in severe criminal court, defendant can Dündar "gave me a leftist MP of images", part of description of GSM phones KDM information and made from open sources As a result of evaluation of publications related to book titled "Arrested" as a prisoner in prison of name of late Istanbul Republic Prosecutor's Office of Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Bureau reported The investigation was filed against Berbere. As a result of investigation, CHP Istanbul Deputy Enis Berbanoğlu, images of MIT trucks stopped illegally in Adana and Hatay, on grounds that he gave to Can Dündar " information and documents that state should remain confidential, military and political For espionage purposes, indictment was prepared with a sentence of up to 30 years of imprisonment for "knowingly and willingly helping" and "fatwa terrorist organization/Parallel state structuring (Feö/Pdy)". "The state's confidential information and documents for military and political espionage should be provided in first hearing of case opened to accused Berbanoğlu on 21 September 2016," he told Can Dündar to publish images of MIT trucks. "and" "Feö/Pdy armed terror organization knowingly and willingly aiding" crimes, case file was decided to be combined with this case file, which was prosecuted by Dündar and Gul on grounds that legal and actual contact was in between. The Court Committee is committed to "explaining information that must remain confidential in terms of security of State or nature of internal or external political benefits", which is being installed on defendant Berbanoğlu, with intent of committing to crime of political or military espionage Toger, form of committing crime, time and severity of crime, importance and value of subject, weight of damage and danger, intensity of defendant's case-based flaw, defendant's purpose, and life imprisonment by taking into account witness He decided to be punished and arrested. The court, which accepted punishment as a mitigating motive for defendant in favor of possible effects on future of perpetrator, had put penalty of Berber Beroğlu to 25 years.


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