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US expert Michael Rubin confessed: I was told that Turkey would blow

Last minute News-Neo-Con expert Michael Rubin announced that some of the sources in the new article were told to him months before the coup in Turkey....

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US expert Michael Rubin confessed: I was told that Turkey would blow
US expert Michael Rubin admits: I was told that Turkey would be a coup. Ragu Noble Day Dem News Introduction Date: 18.10.2017 Neo-Con expert Michael Rubin told him that some of sources in new article would blow up in Turkey months ago . Rubin's fugitive fatwa Police chief Ahmet Yayla in Washington draws attention to Union

An American expert, Michael Rubin, who said it could be a coup in Turkey about 4 months before 15th of July, said it was an intelligence that was transferred to him by some sources, not an analysis, for first time. Rubin, an expert at American Initiative Institute for new Conservative (Neo-Con) thought Agency (AEI), wrote on March 21, 2016, "not in sense of advocacy, but as an analysis, it would succeed if Turkish army tries to overthrow Erdogan. I think, "he said. In article, Rubin highlighted possibility of impact in Turkey as one of usual options, but did not specify a source. After realization of prophecy, rumors began in Washington lobbies that Rubin had a close relationship with gulcators.

This time explained

On October 3 this month, Rubin, who wrote anor article on AEI's website on President Tayyip Erdogan, changed his mouth this time. Rubin said that ' some of sources ' were giving clues about a coup in Turkey months before realization. Rubin left morning's persistent questions unanswered.

apologized to Smiley

Previously, with his anti-smiling views, Rubin's introduction to Gülen's radar was written in May 2015. In commentary magazine, Rubin said he had wrong assessment of gentry, saying he was ready to come toger and listen to m. In article, Rubin apologized to Gülen Gülen's return to Turkey as Khomeini returned to Iran. Former Zaman newspaper chief author Ali Ünal said in Turkey that he saw Michael Rubin a year before his attempt to blow his testimony in Pennslyvania in June 2015. Rubin rejected this claim from social media account.


Rubin has a name that he frequently refers to in his writings about Turkey: Former police director of fatwa Ahmet sait Yayla. Ahmet Yayla's name in file sent to United States regarding temporary arrest of Ankara's Fethullah Gulen is included in veteran fetuses. Yayla came to United States for a conference with permission from Harran University, which he worked in November 2015, and never came back. The plateau, which is organizer in activities of Fetiö in Washington, is also close contact with Rubin.

In his writings, Rubin frequently gave a reference to Yayla, explaining that y entertained a former Turkish police commissioner, who specializes in terrorism and intelligence issues without naming in December 2016. In a meeting with participation of experts and American officials who are interested in Turkey in Washington, plateau is predicted that person accused Turkey of giving a weapon to daspouses, co-operation with Iran, and that coup is a questionable initiative Took.


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