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Van collided with minibus crushed pedestrians: 5 injured

In Denizli 39, the van collided with the minibus in the district of central, slammed into the wall of the market by taking under two passers-by. 2 8217 in the accident, 5 people were injured severely.

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Van collided with minibus crushed pedestrians: 5 injured

The accident occurred at intersection of 1027 and 1017 streets of Yousuf Afak neighbourhood of Denizli, central Efendi district in 15.30 waters. According to information obtained, Ali K. (33) in direction of Albayrak Square from Üçler Mahallesi 20 BHE 41 Plate pickup truck, Huseyin Ç. (50, administration collided with 20 AHN 66 plates in van. The truck, which came out of control, took over pedestrian after hitting road against Ali Muğlalı (53) and Halil Uysal (56).

The truck was hit by wall of grocery store, and it was between two pedestrian vans and a grocery wall. The accident was recorded in seconds to supermarket's security camera. In accident, pedestrians Ali Muğalı with Halil uysal and truck driver Ali K., located in same vehicle Hamit Kiliç, or car driver Huseyin C. injured. Injured in vicinity of hospitals with ambulances coming to scene, injured under treatment, situation of van dragged under truck, Muğlalı and Uysal reported heavy.

The owner of market where he hit wall of truck, Ekrem Tuncel, said he thought y were afraid of an earthquake at time of accident. Tuncel, n when y went out, said y saw accident and rescued a citizen trapped between closet and van.


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