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We declares war on the 'telepromter' Cifuentes

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We declares war on the 'telepromter' Cifuentes

Requests that can use all matches, or that regional president stop using it in some full

We don't want Cristina Cifuentes use a telepromter for some of his speeches in plenary sessions of Assembly of Madrid. Or if you are still allowing also allow m to use it to spokespersons of opposition. So what has raised parliamentary group of Board of spokespersons, held today in regional Chamber, which resumes activity after a break from 22nd of June.

The teleprompter, also called autocue, often used on televisions, is an electronic tool that allows you to read a text or a speech you previously loaded and which serves as a support to reading, allowing you to not forget issues, and being able to control much more what is said.

"We have argued that if teleprompter is not a tool of Assembly, generates inequality for or groups since we do not have this technological tool," said spokesman of Can, Lorena Ruiz-Huerta, who has asked that all discussions on an equal footing.

Ruiz-Huerta recalled that since his party already led to progress in new technologies that are disseminated by streaming parliamentary committees.

For his part, spokesman of PSOE, Angel Gabilondo, has stressed that he's not going to use a teleprompter at risk of that any time "note that I do not know something", but stressed that "problem is equality of opportunities".

"I is, I think, even though y tell me that is not so, which is more important content than form, that is more important to speak to deputies that talk to television. I respect both formats, but I'm not going to use teleprompter," said Gabilondo, who asked that each group that wants to use it, you pay out of your pocket.

Cifuentes leads using teleprompter, leased by parliamentary group, from beginning of legislature -used in inauguration speech-and, according to PP, We could have made use of same if requested.

"Is used with total normality, and I do not understand why it should be banned, it is an instrument of support, such as an Ipad, papers or a computer, so when you give a speech," said spokesman of PP in Assembly, Enrique Ossorio, has encryption between 400 and 500 euros rent of teleprompter during a day.

Ossorio has nuanced that it is not used in all full, but when doing extensive discourses, such as in discussions of endowment or in debate on State of region. "The more difficult it is to use it in parliamentary debate," said spokesman of PP, which added that it will be Bureau of Assembly who has to give permission to parties for use of this tool.



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