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Who is the beauty of Yesilçam Bahar Öztan?

Last minute news-the spring Öztan, who was known as the Gamzeli beauty of Yesilçam and was in many successful films, defeated cancer over the past year. Well...

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Who is the beauty of Yesilçam Bahar Öztan?
Who is beauty of Yesilçam Bahar Öztan? Date of entry: 13.10.2017 10:49 in many successful films, spring Öztan, known as Gamzeli beauty of Yesilçam, had defeated cancer last year. And who is beautiful spring öztan of yesilpine? Bahar Öztan was born on 11 August 1962 in Iskenderun. He spent his childhood and youth in Istanbul. It was first time a hair shampoo ad appeared on screen. He has been involved in countless commercials. After se commercials, public began to recognize him as ' Gamzeli beautiful '. He had a great interest in fotoroman of period. Some of se photoroones are Fotorooman, which are included with Angels of Çarli and Peace mançin. Bahar Öztan, who won everyone's appreciation, soon entered cinema life with a puzzled millionaire film. It has been one of most important games of yesilpine. Bahar Öztan, who began to receive a continuous offer, started working with Bulent Ersoy at Izmir Fair in 1987 for first time in public concerts and Seda Sayan. After that day, he started working domestically and abroad. In 1991, Bodrum Yalikavak Boutique hotel started to operate Spring hotel. He got married in 1993 and had a son two years later. In 1999, he opened a kindergarten called Prince Princess in Bodrum. In 2001 he went to America. In 2007 he moved back to Istanbul. In last 2007, film was filmed by Koliba, love of door, and also played in series of images of Erler film. Spring Öztan, who still preserves its form and energy, came with a news that would make lovers happy. Bahar Öztan prepares to confront new projects in accordance with its class in 2012. The role is based on productions of images ndash; 2008love knocking on door ndash; 2007yalarr ndash; 2000sunset ndash; 1990for rent Anne ndash; 1999eternal Escape ndash; 1990 The first lights in morning ndash; 1989is anor day tomorrow ndash; 1989target ndash; 1989serçer does not migrate ndash; 1988in Cyprus beats ndash; 1988perverted woman ndash; 1988love died ndash; 1988th years of youth ndash; 19860s ndash; 1986th and ndash; Our Fars are having fun ndash; 1986my Destiny ndash; The woman in past, ndash; 198 Sevdan killed me ndash; 1986ağlama ndash; 1986a's hunting ndash; 1986longing ndash; 1986maniac ndash; 1986honor and nddash; 1986prisoner ndash; 1985i Love this ndash; 1985thousand times die ndash; 1985domdom bullet ndash; 1985 poor millionaire ndash; 1985tigers ndash; 1985last coup ndash; 1985-1994 law man ndash; 1985prisoner-1985coup ndash; 1984middle East Saban ndash; 1984mad Firecracker ndash; ndash; 1983-3-2000, thanks to Fellows ndash; 1983- foolish hero ndash; 1983- rose tree ndash; 1983- Same as two of us, and same as same and same... did not laugh at young Agha ndash;. ndash; 1982our Neighborhood ndash; 1982-4 Hell ndash; 1982sevenler die ndash; 1982doctor yarrow ndash; 1982red Butterfly ndash; 1982stark and ndash; 1984h ndash; 1984love of world. 1980dizzy Millionaire ndash; 1979


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