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'You are not a victim of the terror' and say they wanted the money back

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'You are not a victim of the terror' and say they wanted the money back

on 16 September 2010 mines laid by PKK terrorists, hakkari gated from village to a remote cable assembly with Erol exploded during passage of van in enlightened management. Violent explosion in Van hold on cane (50), Semiha hold on (35), Lush Ashraf (33), Cute Wolf (23), elegant farmer (25), Enes Erol (22), Idem Abuzeyt (40), Nurullah Farmer, Hope (2) and drive Aydın Erol (30) dead.

The Dead, tombs in gated village on anniversary was commemorated at beginning of event.Here are pictures of those who lost ir lives in treacherous attack when opening banner of Age read reviews, prayers were. At memorial service,Cahit Erol, terrorists attack that uses his son 7 years ago at 9 in Van, including 2 kids, near said. Erol, water claims found in:"he wanted back 27 thousand TL SGK""we came to cemetery again today on anniversary of explosion, along with relatives. We're here to make sure that you will forget event. The perpetrators despite passing of time could not be found. After incident that US is experiencing A ’victim of terror’ y called.Sudenaz for me and government because of terrorist victimization grandchildren injured in explosion and Zeynep bound of $ 100 monthly salary, with a post that was sent 8 months ago by sgk stopped. Us, ’you are not a victim of terror. We were given this as misplaced money. For 3 years money we gave you will return,’ y said. 27 thousand TL in village to a farm y sell I'll give back. "y didn't give US document"Since we are not victims of terrorism and perpetrators of this event so we ispatlasin. We we want to uncover perpetrators. Our aim is not money or compensation. I tried repeatedly to obtain a certificate of martyrdom. They didn't give us this document. 4 years ago I went to van 3rd high Criminal Court file. 1 year ago our file was closed. We want to open file again for emergence of perpetrators. We will send our case to European Court of human rights unless it is opened. In Turkey commemoration of anniversary for our right to call we never I won't."

during attack he was 1 years old

after going through mines of Van, fallen and injured himself in explosion of his mor was Kurdish Zeynep 1 year old on date of event. Tiny had been discharged from hospital after receiving treatment for a long time, Zeynep.

PKK'dan minibüse mined trap: 9 ölü



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