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Youth will determine the future of the electrical sector

Murat Pinar, general manager of Enerjisa distribution companies, states that Turkey is monitoring the right path in smart networks, Turkey's smart networks lead...

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Youth will determine the future of the electrical sector
Young people will determine future of electrical sector AA Life News Introduction Date: 4.10.2017 14:24 Update Date: 4.10.2017 14:26 Enerjisa Distribution Companies general manager Murat Pinar, Turkey's smart networks, stating that correct path, "Turkey's mind Li Networks roadmap will end in next year, but it is not possible for smart grid map to appear in a plan without age of 20. So power grid will now be shaped according to wishes of young generation, "he said.

Pinar, who participated in European Infrastructure networks Fair held in Amsterdam, capital of Holland, is use of smart grids in Turkey and increasingly widespread technology applications in electricity sector, AA correspondent Reviews.

said that fair is a platform where latest technologies in sector are discussed and solution-oriented proposals are determined by identifying problems and Pınar is with central audit control and data Acquisition (SCADA) system of electricity distribution sector " "Smart" and explained that this system can be applied in most of central voltage lines in Turkey.

Voicing efficiency of one of key reasons for demand for smart networks, Pinar said:

"Anor important pillar is, who do we do it for? Turkey's smart networks roadmap will end in next year, but it is not possible to have a smart grid map in a plan without age of 20. The perspectives of consumers in this age group are very different. They want to get Internet access all time. It's not just network being smart, it wants a smart system that all comes toger and creates a whole. We have a youth that wants to be happy, so power grid will now be shaped according to wishes of this young generation. "

-"We are monitoring right path in smart networks"

Emphasizing that electricity consumption per capita in Turkey is half of economic co-operation and Development Organization (OECD), Pinar said it means that Turkey's electricity demand will increase.

Pinar pointed out that number of electricity customers in Turkey grew 10 times faster than Europe, noting that:

"So re is still potential in Turkey since. On smart grid, we start with counter, but it's a connected concept from washing machine to place where you put electricity in house. Smart networks are particularly important in countries where electricity consumption is high. In Sweden, everyone went smart. Because of electricity consumption of 40 thousand kilowatt per year, prices can be followed daily or even hourly, providing a meaningful discount on invoices. This figure is about two thousand 500 kilowatt-hour levels, but in time our habits change and our consumption increases. "

Pointing out that important point is to plan future by collecting correct data, Pinar, "Turkey is following a way towards smart networks. I think we started at right time. Since standardization of se issues in Europe has just begun, a certain synchronization has occurred between us. We're not far away. We have road to network, but we are not behind as solutions, "he said.

-Need for investment in electric vehicles

Pınar, first examples of smart systems in Turkey to balance network when electric vehicles are used correctly stating that it will be an important element, " first example of smart systems in Turkey is power to be demanded for electric vehicles In order to be welcomed, 15 million lira in Ankara metropolitan area, 40 million lira in Anatolian side of Istanbul will be needed to invest in network is calculated. Earlier estimates had a prediction that re would be 10,000 electric vehicles in 2020, but current number of electric vehicles is already at a thousand 500 levels, "he said.


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