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1 billion in five pounds saved!

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1 billion in five pounds saved!
1 billion in five pounds saved! AA business news date of entry: 17.9.2017 12:50 participation as a complement to social security system as it has been established, which are included in system after automatic five Christmas 3 million 856 thousand pounds in 8 months accumulation of 283 participants exceeded 1 billion.

private pension system (BES), automatic attendance system, which are included in new year after it has been 3 million, 283 thousand, exceeded 1 billion pounds in 8 months accumulation of 856 participants.

in fall of welfare levels of individuals, retirement period and at same time, country's long-term savings created by raising level of Fund, which is to contribute to country's economy with 27 October 2003 in Turkey, which started in five, from beginning of year and is a Turkish citizen from those employees who have not attained 45 years of age continues to grow with participation in system of automated for a fee.

pension Monitoring Center (EGM) after it has been automatic for involvement of statistical data in relation to five to five "basic indicators" and "automatic basic indicators of participation in form of" published under two separate titles.

Tnp "Automatic basic indicators of participation", according to data as of August 31 283 3 million 856 thousand Christmas automatically after number of participants, while 27 of se employees amounted to 189 thousand pounds to Fund The amount of 1 billion 29 million.

The amount of 313,3 pounds average savings per employee participating in system.

9.4 billion pounds from state into five bins

"five key indicators, according to number of participants as of same date 6 million 589 thousand 831 in system.

in same period, 427 of participants fund amount in pounds 63 billion 153 million 91 thousand, while amount of 118 361 thousand pounds contribution fund state's $ 9 billion 463 million, respectively. As of date in question had increased number of people who retired from 58 to 485 thousand five.

6 million 625 thousand five at end of last year number of participants in 759, 409 338 million 756 thousand pounds 53 billion was recorded as amount of funding participants. To mention period in amount of 7 billion 438 million 182 thousand pounds contribution fund state's 167, number of retired people rose to 44 331 thousand.

automatic participation for this year's completed Phase 3

a Turkish citizen for a fee from those employees who have not attained 45 years of age, began to be included in system in a gradual manner.

The New Year and get in first place on employment-depending on employer, employees are automatically enrolled in system in private sector. Depending on number of employees 250-999 employer in private sector and social security institutions of central government employees and employees in public administrations within scope was incorporated into system from 1 April 2017. Employer number of employees 100-249, depending on system from 1 July 2017 onwards entry into private sector employees.

depending on number of employees 50-99 employer, with employees in private sector than employees in state enterprises local governments 1 January 2018 and, depending on number of employees 10-49 employer, employees in private sector than July 1, 2018, an employer who is 5-9, depending on number of employees in private sector employees from 1 January 2019 onwards, to ir employers through five will be included automatically.

In determining number of running more than one workplaces for employers in all workplaces with employees in consideration of sum of, as of date of receipt of most current coverage of SSI data will be taken into consideration.


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