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2.7 Trillion dollar fight

One of the 90 years of oil wells, founded in 1927 in Kirkuk, witnessed one of the last decades of war and changed hands again. Iraq's 143...

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2.7 Trillion dollar fight
2.7 trillion dollar fight peace ergin Economics News Date of entry: 18.10.2017 One of 90 years of oil wells, founded in 1927, has witnessed one of last years of war and changed hands again. A total of 2.7 trillion dollars in Iraq, excluding ederi gas of norrn region, which holds one-third of Iraq's 143 billion barrels of oil--correspond to referendum on September 25th Li lyrics from day before place-not too hot--he left conflict. After central government walked north with Hashdi Sabbath, forces of peshmerga withdrew from Sincar yesterday. Following this restification of Iraq's future, re are 46 billion barrels of oil. This figure, one third of Iraqi oil, is worth $2 trillion 668 billion at current oil price. This reserve in region under Iraqi Kurdish Regional management (IKBY) control has a significant amount of 143 billion barrels of total reserves. Kirkuk has 12.3% Paya The share of Kirkuk, which has become symbol of tribe, coincides with 12.3 per cent in Iraq's oil. Anor feature of Wells seized yesterday is oldest in world. The world is watching last war since World War I for Kirkuk, which was discovered by first directors of BP and Total in 1927. Countries where Kirkuk oil was exported are predominantly in Europe. The highest exports are being made to Italy. Then Greece and third are also coming to Israel. There are many oil regions north of Iraq, currently licensed to 20 new territories. giant companiesin region 2017 first half of Tawke field daily production 109 thousand 700 barrels while general energy in Taq Taq area in daily production of 22 thousand 100 barrels as of August. This figure was over 14 thousand 43 barrels/day last year. When it comes to operation of oil fields north of Iraq, it does not search United Nations. Companies from virtually any country are in area. Russia's companies are targeting Roneft, Gazprom and Bai Hassan and Ali Zalah regions. The general energy from Turkey, US Chevron, ExxonMobil is also in this area. Apart from se, companies such as KAR Group, Total, HKN Energy, Addax are also in region. When war lasted long, oil remained calm The price of Brent oil, which was 57 dollars in previous day, went up to 59 dollars after tension in region climbed. Brent, barrel of oil, rose to $18:00 36.2 an hour. Experts say that forces of Iraqi central government, Iraqi Kurdish Regional administration (IKBY), initiated operation to get oil wells in hand, preventing upward movement of oil prices, which would result in faster results than expected. . On or hand, US Energy Information Management (EIA) announced that crude oil production in United States will reach a record level next year. The report stated that crude oil production in country was predicted to rise to a daily average of 9.9 million barrels in 2018.


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