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21 million F ü R the free dance and theatre scene

The town is about to be added to the Metropol Theatre in the city of Mann. There, a few months ago, protests against the exploitation of ü artists began.

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21 million F ü R the free dance and theatre scene

Twenty years of self-exploitation are enough "-with this Protestruf circle of Friends of Metropol Theatre in June 2017 has gone public. The enthusiastic supporters collected signatures and made pressure on politics. The free-man private atre with 250 performances a year could not survive with 150 000 euros from city- maximum funding for vacant stages.

Finally, artistic value-work seems to be secured in long term: because it is best free stage of Germany's excellent house due to wide repertoire, size of company, number of visitors and nationwide presence with a small City Theatre is comparable, he has a unique position within free stages-so Munich's cultural adviser Hans-Georg Küppers announced his request to increase Metropol Theatre from 2018 to permanently with 250 000 euros, i.e. with a total of 400 000 euros annually. Support. The Cultural committee of city Council unanimously agreed to application. "We are absolutely happy that city is so uncomplicated and consistent with us," says artistic director Jochen Schölch. For him, that is also " signal: go on like this, with all peculiarities of how I do atre."

The approval of Free State of Bavaria is now missing, also "at least 200 000 euros, preferably 400 000 euros" grant. This is only way to meet "art but fair" goal demanded by City and country, says Schölch. With new budget, employees are paid better and new jobs are created so that artists do not have to repair dripping taps as well. For example, Schölch says, with more rehearsal time, pieces-"even bulky substances"-can be advanced. Through long-term support, one can also enter into more cooperation, for example with Ruhrtriennale.

In Culture Committee, city councils also spoke out for furr grants to free cultural institutions of all divisions and district centres in household 2018: a total of 21,060,000 euros will be distributed to 117 recipients. 25 private institutions can count on more money-mostly to cover more staff costs. For example, Muffathalle will receive a one-time 75 000 euro extra for its operating grant of 850 000 euros to support anniversary programme for 25th anniversary.

In addition to 161 000 Euro grant, cultural centre Feierwerk will now receive 10 000 euros each year for its "springboard" band competition. And Munich Bachchor-according to cultural unit "one of most important sound bodies within Munich choral landscape"-is now to receive 30 000 euros annually, especially to develop its programme through contemporary works.

Like Metropol, high x as a garing place for free dance, atre and performance scene is now subsidized with a good 400 000 euros-that's 98 000 euros more than before. The Kunstverein (16 000 euro) is also receiving more money, Underride (11 000), dance tendency (25 000), puppet Theatre (97 500), pathos (25 000), Dok Film festival (71 000), Comicfest (11 000) and circle for folk music, song and dance (118 000).

Only in one-world-house, which is supposed to receive an additional 66 000 from 2018 to 371 000 euros, resistance was stirred up by CSU group. Alderman Mariam Offmann questioned promotion entirely because one-world house, despite criticism of many pages, furr leased rooms to group BDS ("Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions"). Their attitude, according to Offmann, is not a legitimate criticism of state of Israel, but anti-Semitism, and thus not to reconcile city's responsibility with Jewish part of population. The objection remained without effect.


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