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25% of medium-sized companies have taken their headquarters in Catalonia, according to the businessmen's circle

The organization is against widespread wage increases

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25% of medium-sized companies have taken their headquarters in Catalonia, according to the businessmen's circle
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  • The circle of entrepreneurs gives ir "absolute respaldo"al government
  • 94.6% of Spanish companies have two employees

The president of Business Circle, Javier Vega de Seoane, warned yesterday that if Catalan conflict is not resolved, "re will be a very notable impoverishment of Catalan society and a serious problem." Asked about current situation of companies, Jesús Sainz, secretary general of Circle, commented that according to his data, one out of four mediated firms, that is, with a workforce of between 50 and 250 workers, "has taken its seat outside of Catalonia."

During presentation of annual report on medium-sized enterprise of 2017, Vega de Seoane described as "bestial" in a month and a half have taken its seat more than 3,000 companies in Catalonia, which mean 40% of region's GDP and 90% of market capitalization of Empres Catalan as listed on Stock exchange.

According to circle, as long as attitude of independentists does not change and continues political and social instability, "can follow exit of companies". He also noted that "many companies, not only Freixenet, are waiting for results of autonomous elections of December 21 to decide wher or not to leave market." Entrepreneurs do not want to be where law is not fulfilled or re is a great instability, "said Vega de Seoane. "We find it difficult for se companies to come back," he added, "because where y are going y are welcomed with open arms and put all kinds of facilities."

Against widespread wage increases

The president of Business Circle, Javier Vega de Seoane, believes that "indiscriminate" increases in salaries are not realistic or responsible. This was his comment when asked about salary increase that CEOE studies to raise unions, located between 1.2% and 2.5%. Seoane said that circle is "supportive" of raising salaries, but when y are linked to improving productivity and refore competitiveness. He described "demagogic" and "unreasonable" to propose "any generalized measure".

He said that circle of entrepreneurs is concerned with generation of wealth and its distribution but, in case of choosing, it gets first thing: "Because first you have to generate it and n see how it is distributed." According to Vega de Seoane entrepreneurs "love" to pay more to employees and be happy because workers "angry" can not manage companies. It also asked governments for a new regulation that would allow businesses with 50 workers to grow without administrative obstacles and invoiced 6 million.

The number one of circle relied on upcoming autonomous elections to "give some results that make us anticipate greater stability. Let us hope that independentists lose; The truth is that y have seen all disaster y have created, but y continue to insist on continuing ir project. "

Despite everything, Vega de Seoane admitted that " independence focus will remain important" and concluded that this situation, "in long run is a drama" because "if re is no confidence, if re is no stability, investment will not come to Catalonia."

On or hand, according to report of circle of entrepreneurs, number of medium-sized companies has been reduced since beginning of crisis, in 2008 to 2017, in more than 5,000 companies, so that ir participation in business sector has decreased to 0.6% in 2017 from E L 0.8% of 2008. The regression of small companies is even greater than that of median ones, so that ir weight in total of business fabric has gone down to 4.5%. The micro-enterprise segment is only one that has gained participation and already is 94.8% of business fabric.


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