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90 years ago Iberia joined Madrid and Barcelona for 163 pesetas. How much would that ticket cost today?

A trimotor aircraft, with up to 10 passengers on board, connected in 1927 both cities in three and a half hours

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90 years ago Iberia joined Madrid and Barcelona for 163 pesetas. How much would that ticket cost today?

Today marks 90 anniversary of Iberia's first flight. At 9.30 on December 14, 1927 a plane Rohrbach Roland was taking off from Barcelona to Madrid aerodrome of Cuatro Vientos. A storm forced him to take land in Soria and arrived late to opening ceremony in Madrid. There Alfonso XIII and founder of Iberia, Horacio Echevarrieta, had attended takeoff of anor plane, heading for Catalan capital.

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Then, forced landings were not uncommon for bad wear. There were many or differences: first plane that joined Barcelona and Madrid had capacity for 10 passengers, now transport up to 180. A trip that was made in three and a half hours now usually takes one. There was a daily plane by sense in front of 26 that program today Iberia and Vueling. And price was also very different: first ticket cost 163 pesetas (300 roundtrip). To change is almost a euro (0.98), but of 1927. How many euros would now be worth that first ticket if accumulated price increase in se 90 years was included?

The National Statistics Institute allows on its website to update prices incorporating accumulated inflation, but only from 1954. The consumer price Index (IPC) is born in 1940, which has led several economic historians to try to rebuild a series of broader prices, a hard work that leads to research published data on all types of markets in Official Records and Municipal Archives. The Bank of Spain published in 2013 research of Jordi Maluquer of nicknames, professor of Autonomous University of Barcelona, which has reconstructed evolution of an IPC between 1830 and 2012, comparable with current one. According to this index, 163 pesetas that cost first ticket of Iberia amount now to about 356 euros.

In beginning, travelling by plane between Madrid and Barcelona was only an option for wealthiest. The ticket cost almost seven times more than most popular ticket by train for same ride. Over years, relative value (in comparison with what rest of goods and services cost at each moment) fell slowly, but not absolute prices. For 1974, when airlift was launched, a ticket costing 1,960 pesetas, which translated for 2017 would be about 164 euros, less than half in beginning.

Price evolution

The prices of ticket, if we deducted effect of inflation, would hardly move until Iberia loses monopoly of air bridge, which came to make Madrid-Barcelona route most important in Europe (Iberia has transported up to four million Passengers per year) by volume of travellers. In 1994, company responded to competition eliminating restrictions at a reduced rate, which reafter allowed to take a regular flight with fixed reserve, outside conditions of air bridge, for 8,950 pesetas, about 54 euros in eyes of 2017.

From re, and despite everything that has happened since n- intrusion of low-cost companies, direct Internet reservations, competition of bird, merger with British Airways-, prices, discounted effect of inflation, hardly vary. Today you can buy an Iberia ticket for a Madrid-Barcelona trip (or vice versa) for 40 euros, but only if it is purchased several weeks in advance. From one day to next, when squares are scarce, price on web of tourist fare for a one way trip reaches 135 euros.

The airline that presides Luis Gallego celebrated last June anniversary of company's constitution with an aerial exhibition at Cuatro Vientos airfield. The former flag airline, now owned by IAG, was established on June 28, 1927, although it did not operate its first flight until December. In its first month of activity, Iberia carried out 57 flights and transported 287 passengers. As a tribute to Horacio Echevarrieta, a businessman from Getxo, airline has named one of its Airbus A319 with its name.


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