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96% of the new November unemployed are women

Of the 7,255 most unemployed people who were registered last month, 6,969 were women

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96% of the new November unemployed are women

The rise of unemployment in November has a clear gender: feminine. At end of month, public employment offices counted 7,255 unemployed more, of which 6,969 were women, that is to say, 96% of total, according to Ministry of Employment. With this increase difference between men and women in unemployment lists is widening even more than it has already done. They add 1,465,663; m, a little over two million, in particular, 2,008,618.

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It is something traditional in Spanish labor market that re are more stops than stopped. Inequality is also noted here. However, during some moments of crisis this custom was broken by characteristics of employment generated during housing bubble and its subsequent sinking.

In years when brick and industry associated with it were great engines of Spanish economy, much of employment created was masculine. So, when bubble burst, jobs associated with it vanished at same speed. This provoked a very significant increase in male unemployment, which for several months overcame feminine.

The situation has returned to normal when job creation has recovered. However, in none of months when unemployment has risen — in recent years usually for seasonal reasons — a relationship like last November has been recorded: For each new stop re were more than 24 stops.


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