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A ban wrong

The Catalan referendum is illegal, but the Constitution provides that we can discuss about it

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A ban wrong

The Catalan referendum is illegal, but Constitution provides that we can discuss about it

The decision of judge Jose Yusty suspend, at request of group of PP in town Hall of Madrid, an act of Madrid for Right to choose provided for in municipal complex of Slaughterhouse, not only it is very questionable legally, but very untimely. The judge is expected and presumed that act is going to promote support for referendum illegal convened in Catalonia, but request to use local refers to an event to discuss right to decide. When requested, referendum had not yet been suspended. To prohibit in this case assignment of local supposed to prevent a political act, which curtails fundamental rights as right to express and debate political ideas. It is one thing to collaborate with referendum to provide logistic support for its implementation, which would be a crime, and quite anor to discuss or support convenience in carrying it out.

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The judge advocates in self unity of Spanish sovereignty, “which resides in set of all citizens”. As recalled by Constitutional Court, constitutional precepts may be subject to review. There's nothing that can't be discussed, and object of political action. The Court has suspended referendum act of Catalan Parliament “to circumvent procedures for constitutional reform to take forward political project of disconnection of Spanish State”, which means “to try an unacceptable pathway in fact”. The own Constitutional urged, in 2014 parties to resolve conflict into political.

The fact that judge Yusty is one of signatories of manifesto of Free and Equal, a platform antiindependentista whose objective is “ mobilisation of all Spanish citizens in serious debate triggered by secesionismo Catalan”, does not help to preserve image of an impartial justice. The judges not only apply law but must maintain appearance of impartiality.

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