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A change agenda

8-M mobilizations should be translated into concrete measures

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A change agenda

Women's Day in 2018, held last Thursday, has been a historical result of level of participation and mobilization. It has been found that cause of women's equality is shared and celebrated by society as a whole. In face of those who have in recent times wanted to draw a democracy that is outdated and in regression, streets of 8-M have shown a vibrant, conscious and plural society. Once again, Spain has proven to house a deep sense of justice, equality and social progress.

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Our successes in rights and freedoms have always been admired outside our borders. As with law against Gender violence and subsequent adoption of law of same-sex marriage, both pioneers in European environment, our society has shown to go even ahead of those neighbors in which so many times we We look not without some inferiority complex. Spain is located in front of United Kingdom, Germany, France and Sweden in fight against macho violence. And ir wage gap is lower than British or German. There is no cause for discouragement. Spain is not exceptional: its problems are same as its neighbors.

The data of international bodies and institutions specialising in matter are pointed in same direction. On one hand, y point to progress made in anti-discrimination legislation, violence against women, education, since y already surpass men in university degrees and feminization of politics.

On or, y emphasize vacuum of women in labour market, both in quantitative terms — re are fewer women in workforce, y work less hours and refore have worse salaries and pensions — as qualitative, which results in an intolerable deficit of Women in management positions, in public and private companies and public administration.

One of big deficits that shows data has to do with morhood. Bad business practices, coupled with precariousness of labour market, absence of a free schooling network of 0-3 years, inadequacy of paternity permits and very poor controls by Labour Inspectorate They turn morhood into a moat where women's careers and salaries are stagnant.

All of m are serious problems, but y are not insurmountable if re is political will. The government, which has later and clumsily joined se claims, is obliged to sit with rest of political forces with parliamentary representation, with competition of entrepreneurs, trade unions and civil society associations, Design and implement an equality agenda with concrete measures, implementation schedules and budgetary resources. Equality is a democratic value and its achievement must be above partisan struggle and within representative institutions, not out of m. It is a matter of state and refore touches its institutions to collect and encourage social change from which we can all be proud.

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