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A depleted block

The separatists touch the roof before the citizen mobilization

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A depleted block
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The most relevant election day that Catalonia and Spain has experienced in recent years is approaching and, with it, possibility of finding different images in mirror that represents any summons at polls.

If in previous autonomic elections Cataluña lived decline of cities, ravaged by corruption scandals, and its independence radicalization in its alliance with ERC (in Junts PEL Yes) and with CUP, polls are offering today relevant tracks of a New scenario that would allow to overcome worst institutional crisis of Spanish democracy.

The independence front not only faces divided by 21-D, but also seems to have touched ceiling on ir expectations, which is in itself a severe punishment of challenges waged against half of Catalans and against state.

Exhaustion may have reached its structure probably much earlier than imagined. The list Junts per Catalunya has failed to snatch first place in ERC probes despite its effort to display plasma to Puigdemont as a martyr of 155. He does not recognize his cessation and continues to outline incredible ory that vows will free him from prison, despite his mediocre position (14.3%) in polls. ERC, with its top leader in prison and second, Marta Rovira, very weakened by its inconsistency in campaign, has lost positions with respect to first estimates and has expectations of 23.1%, according to survey of Metroscopia. They both lose with respect to 2015, and CUP too.

The roof y aspired to break by forcing race to independence has not only grown, but seems to be narrowing over se three formations that — in principle — would not suffice to govern alone after Thursday. The myth of its progression and its unbeaten may be broken on 21-D, but that will not be enough to achieve good governance that curbs economic downturn and regains social harmony in Catalonia. On or side of that mirror, Constitutionalist bloc offers interesting growth symptoms, a notable rise of Inés Arrimadas followed by Miquel Iceta, and an expectation of very healthy mobilization for democracy, but without signs yet to overcome Weaknesses it drags.

Democracy requires, as well as capacity for dialogue, possibility of alternation. If something positive has brought independence crisis has been visibility of citizens opposed to unilateral drift and, consequently, supporters of a complete change of course to restore both law and coexistence.

It is essential that this quiet or ignored voice is now moved to a great participation that offers true fixed photo of Catalonia. And that elect will not be harmed by crossed vetoes that can only harm m. The electoral mirror should be able to return an image of governance, loyalty and unity around recovery of economic, social and institutional normalcy.

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