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A European Spain

The EU supports the rule of law and the crown in the face of secessionism

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A European Spain

The European Council held in Brussels this Thursday and Friday has given a firm boost to Spanish democracy. As Catalan independence has doubled its challenge, European Union has been closing ranks with Spain around principles that encourage it: Union in diversity, democracy and rule of law.

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French President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel, like rest of European leaders — including Presidents of Commission and Parliament, Jean-Claude Juncker and Antonio Tajani — have proclaimed ir commitment to unity of Spain in front To those who intend to divide it. Casting anor jug of cold water to pretended Europeanism of secessionism, EU counterattacks certainty that dismemberment of one of longest history countries is to embark on opposite path to that which encouraged its foundation.

The firmness of this European support is confirmation of goodness of project initiated with Treaty of Rome now 60 years ago. For Spain and Portugal, as after countries of Soviet orbit, EU represented dream space of freedom, peace and democracy. Sixty years later, Fundación Princesa de Asturias has awarded Concordia Award for having achieved " longest period of peace in modern Europe by collaborating with implementation and dissemination of values such as freedom, human rights and Solidarity, "as verdict of jury reads."

The highest representatives of Community institutions have been quoted in Oviedo to receive award from hands of King Felipe VI. It has been best scenario for displaying toger institutions that during last 40 years have been erected as essential companions of Spanish democracy: EU and crown.

Juan Carlos I was a prominent actor in transition to a parliamentary democracy. His role in attempted coup d'etat in 1981 consecrated his figure. His son Felipe VI has played a similar role in defending rule of law in face of upheaval caused by Catalan independence, worst crisis of our democracy since 1981. It has dismissed government of Puigdemont and yesterday, in a kinder context of defending European values, described as "unacceptable" attempt at secession and trusted democratic institutions to solve problem. Again, monarchy, even at risk of its own wear, is ready to fulfil its role moderator.

Today, EU is more united than ever before Brexit and ready to step in accelerator of integration, solidarity and peace. The king applauded yesterday with passion that project so appreciated by Spaniards. The tensions generated by procés constitute for Spain a serious cause of concern and open an uncertain panorama. In such difficult times, Europe provides a valuable support for Spanish democracy and recognizes it as one of main protagonists of common project. Europe is already our home. Today again, it is anor reason for hope in face of Insolidarity, disloyalty, division and demagoguery.

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