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A futile strike

The taxi market needs a regulation that integrates new competitors; Violence and aggression are more

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A futile strike

The strike of taxi that left yesterday without this public transport to almost all Spanish cities, with special incidence in Madrid and Barcelona, constitutes a political error of summoning associations, as much as ir follow-up was massive and protest was made Note stridently, including some vandalism acts and aggression against people and vehicles of Uber and Cabify to be condemned. Citizens do not accept use of violence or total paralysis of public services as a method of solving economic or regulatory differences to be addressed at negotiating tables. With ir proceeding, taxi drivers hurt users and are losing part of reason that assists m.

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For decades taxi has lived in a monopoly regime that limited or blocked granting of municipal licenses. Such practices have resulted in a black market of licenses and an stratospheric increase in same. But as successive court sentences have been established, trade union model closed to competition that has prevailed so far cannot be sustained. The traditional taxi is in crisis, re are new players in competition and we must face situation with rationality.

The crisis is easy to describe: services like Uber and Cabify or or platforms have come to stay. They offer quality, better customer service and more ease of use. So this strike is useless and damaging. The transformation of taxi market must be faced, on one hand, by improving services provided by traditional taxi; On or, with new standards (corresponding to municipalities) to integrate incoming competitors without damaging traditional ones and to guarantee equal conditions (fiscal, administrative) for all agents. It is crucial that taxi drivers leave street and negotiate anor regulatory framework where all operators fit.

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