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A pact in Catalonia

Economic recovery requires a commitment to waive secession

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A pact in Catalonia
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The elections of December 21st constitute first step towards recovery of political and economic stability that has been lost in an alarming, even catastrophic in some respects, during so-called procés. The political damage caused by unilateral way to independence is known: a social confrontation dangerous for coexistence, between Spaniards and Catalans and among Catalans mselves, and perception that it will be a long time before restoration of Full civil concord. In addition, it has been tried to question democratic reputation of Spain to citizens and to international community with pilgrim and contradictory arguments.

But it is in economic field where immediate and substantial damage is appreciated, for welfare of Catalans — paralysis of infrastructures and services is clearly evident in series that starts today in country — and also indirectly but Substantial, for whole of Spanish economy. The impact in Catalonia has been swift and brutal: More than 3,000 companies have moved ir headquarters to rest of Spain; Consumption has fallen, investment retracts, unemployment increases comparatively more than in rest of country and tourism plummets.

The procés has pointed to Catalonia on investor map as a conflicting economic zone. Legal certainty, which is essential for companies, has been deteriorating at least from 2015 and jumped into air when process of declaring independence began.

The ballot boxes alone will not restore stability or regain confidence in Catalan economy. The business normalization will be long and tortuous, because many companies that left Catalonia are not going to return. And n, because persistence of independence drives repels any investor intent. Business opportunities in Catalonia are linked to membership of Spain and European Union; Where a possible political majority — ERC, JxCat — rejects this crucial premise, investment lapses and disappears.

To restore economic confidence and political stability it is essential that independence bloc, from government or from opposition, commits itself to explicitly renounce its objectives; To be subject to requirement of highly qualified majorities to restart a political negotiation on any secessionist consultation that may never be unilateral; And that parliamentary work (and of government, if y govern) will not be oriented solely and exclusively to preparation of a new procés. The institutional secession that has governed Catalonia has lost precious time in separatist daydreams, a time that could have been devoted to economic, labor and fiscal reforms.

It has passed hour of tiring and tiring debate identity. The electoral campaign should focus on investment needs (public and private) of Catalonia, how quality of employment can be improved and wher funding of its municipalities is correct. The recovery of economic confidence will be difficult; But if you insist on bitterness identity, it will be impossible.

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