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A sad example among lawyers in Madrid

The school must open an investigation and find a way to expel people who violate the legality

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A sad example among lawyers in Madrid

The Madrid Bar Association, largest professional collective in Europe (77,000 lawyers), became news last Wednesday night. Elections were held to elect ir new board of government, including Dean. The current president, already in office, Sonia Gumpert, denounced that she had been attacked by founder of Higher Institute of Law and Economics (ISDE), Alejandro painted.

The Dean was presented with a decomposed gesture, a visible blow to right cheekbone and almost no desire to speak to journalists. In addition to alleged punch, her attacker threatened her death and told her that from now on, with victory of lawyer José María Alonso, she was going to find out.

Sources close to painted immediately denied se accusations and accused Gumpert of having provoked altercation before dozens of people, seeing how his candidate and continuation, Javier Íscar, had lost elections for about 500 votes. They came to say that it was all prepared to generate conflict.

The situation, in itself already regrettable, is repeated in a poll of Madrid School. In 2012 elections ended with intervention of national Police, challenge of results and accusations that Gumpert had bought votes. Everything was rejected by judges, despite rain of allegations.

The night was tense from first moment, as results were anticipated very tight. To govern an institution like Bar Association of Madrid implies to have a very wide influence in world of justice and to manage a budget of about 28 million of euros.

What is most reprehensible is that people with extensive training and extensive legal experience end a night that should be democratic with cross-reporting, insults and altercations from or eras. It is, in short, a matter of men of laws, whose main professional motive is to safeguard fundamental rights, such as presumption of innocence or to have a fair defense. So at least it comes from article 24 of Constitution.

Bad example is being given to rest of society and to future generations of lawyers if way of settling any difference is to beat contrary, insult or provoke a serious incident. Therefore, an institution with more than 400 years of existence, with a prestige that is supposed, like value of soldiers, should take urgent action and clean up responsibilities. In addition to being in cause as affected, it would be wrong for school to open an investigation and find a way to expel from ir ranks people who violate legality. And of course, this is not defended with patic spectacle lived last Wednesday night.

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