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A sale where the price of the property decrease of 1 000 euros every 30 seconds

A notary in nantes, france innovates by organizing on the Internet sales of housing at decreased prices. A bit like a auction in reverse.

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A sale where the price of the property decrease of 1 000 euros every 30 seconds

A notary in nantes, france innovates by organizing on Internet sales of housing at decreased prices. A bit like a auction in reverse.

Sells apartment in paris, 14th arrondissement, 33,60 m2 Carrez law, to renovate. Its price ? 330 000 euros. At least at midday, Monday, 18 September. Because thirty seconds later, it will have declined to 1 000 euros. And 1 000 or at 12: 01 pm. So on, to reach 290 000 euros at 12: 20 pm.

This funny sale so-called "clock" will unfold on website of notary in nantes, france Vincent Chauveau. A timer on screen will automatically lower price of 1 000 euros every 30 seconds for 20 minutes. The first who clicks should win well. It is necessary, to participate, to have visited apartment and saw his record validated by notary. The sale may be followed in a simple viewer on " space visitor ".

Vincent Chauveau has already used this process this summer to sell three properties. "One of my clients has sold a farmhouse in July to 510 000 euros. It was starting price, buyer has clicked on. And, in August, a maid's room displayed 180 000 euros is a party to 145 000. The seller wanted 105 000. A third sale was not completed, due to click. "

If phased reduction in price makes one think of auction in reverse, and this innovation is, in reality, not all of auction real estate. "It is simply a technique of search of buyers ", says Antoine Dejoie, vice-president of higher Council of notariat.

" A good showcase "

After twenty minutes of online shopping offers, nothing is recognised, normal process of sale snaps : bids are forwarded to seller and a pre-contract is signed, promise or compromise. And who says pre-contract withdrawal deadline and possibility to insert a suspensive clause related to refusal of loan – all this is excluded in auction.

"safeguards" that assure Philippe C., which is preparing to sell clock, on 11th of October, villa with swimming pool to overflowing that he holds close to Saint-Raphael. "It is not bound hand and foot, to buyer's choice returns to us, it sets a price floor and is framed by civil law notary ", details re.

" Of notaries, of which I am a part, use already for several years service Immo-interactive, which also works for online bidding, but with tiered pricing, indicates master Chauveau, also founder of Council on corner (of free advice of notaries in cafes, Saturday). "I wanted to test prices on a sliding scale because, on rise, buyer does not reveal, often not all of its budget. And most importantly, vendors are sometimes reluctant to deal with sales to price progressive because it is necessary to display a starting price attractive, y are afraid of devaluing ir property. "

coming Soon in real estate agencies ?

This tool is "dynamic" allows addition of "adapt in real time to market," he continues. To confront as directly as possible between supply and demand. And to avoid a common phenomenon : seller who exaggerates his property, and whose advertisement will remain on months, with risk of creating suspicion among buyers and have to eventually sell at a discounted price.

What says higher Council of notariat ? "We have welcomed initiative with surprise," responds Antoine Dejoie. "We lack hindsight but sale of dial is innovative in its application to real estate [it has been practiced historically in or areas, such as agriculture] will respond to my sense of needs, for example for sale of goods outside norm, and it is interesting. "If he is expecting a "boom" of sales at dial ? "In numbers, this is expected to remain marginal, but we could be surprised... "

In meantime, media exposure, requires, Vincent Chauveau receives every week dozens of solicitations from clients. Just as start-up nantaise Kadran, who created platform that it uses. "We originally designed for real estate developers, to help m to sell ir stocks of new goods, we didn't imagine that it would also work in old," says Eliott Bucket, 22 years old, a co-founder. Its technology has, in particular, charmed promoter Lamotte, who explained to us have programmed two sales decreasing 23 and 24 September to test tool, " one for finished product, except by sea, or for a apartment non-completed ".

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The agents will also be of interest to tool and contact start-up. "I think to suggest this process to my clients, it could be useful for two goods that are struggling to find a buyer," says Christophe Bonnin, independent agent in paris region. "It is also in my eyes a way to communicate more quickly to seller, by force of things, as its price is not in line with market and save time. "


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