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A truth commission of Francoism

The reform of the law of historical memory proposes to elaborate a plan that goes through elaborating an official census of victims of the Civil war and of the dictatorship

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A truth commission of Francoism

After a whole legislature banished in limbo, government of Pedro Sánchez has proposed to reactivate "law 52/2007, of 26 December, by which recognize and extend rights and establish measures in favor of those who suffered persecution or violence During Civil war and Dictatorship ", better known as Law of historical memory. With this rule, executive of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero assumed condemnation of francoism that captured report of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe signed in Paris in 2006, which denounced serious violations of human rights committed in Spain between 1936 and 1975.

The law catered to demands of many citizens who aspired to know whereabouts of ir relatives, in some cases buried in mass graves of cemeteries, in ditches or in inhospitable places. "How last proof of respect" to victims, public administrations committed mselves to putting means to locate and identify disappeared. But truth is that a decade has elapsed and state has not taken on protection of victims, as UN human rights rapporteur has denounced.

The Government of PP did not abolish law, but it carried out a penny-pinching political acrobatic to deactivate it: it reduced funds to zero euros, causing economic suffocation that has made practically impossible to fulfil it. Only tenacious and willful action of associations created to recover historical memory, to seek truth, to repair tears of Francoism and to return dignity to victims have allowed to attend requests of relatives of reprisals and Missing.

This task will be added again to government, as Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, has just announced, believing that to speak of memory is to speak of justice. The plan is to develop an official census of victims of Civil war and of dictatorship, with collaboration of archaeologists, forensic doctors, jurists and associations of victims. As Minister recalled, it is unacceptable for Spain to remain second-most missing country in world after Cambodia. It is estimated that re are still more than 100,000 people in oblivion.

Spain also wants to create a truth commission. As has happened in Latin American countries, truth must be complete, official, public and impartial. It is a moral duty to victims and ir families and a necessary part of repair of damage caused. As established by Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, every society has indispensable right to know truth of what happened, as well as reasons and circumstances in which aberrant crimes came to be committed, in order to prevent those facts happen again in future.

With reform that is coming, government will seek way to outlaw associations that make apology of Francoism, give a new meaning to valley of fallen and remove all symbology that exalts dictatorship and dictator. Perhaps it is possible to achieve goal that writer Primo Levi, a Holocaust survivor, marked: "Every democratic society needs a basic moral agreement between generations."

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