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A very short sentence for the Madrid Arena

In the fateful morning of November 1, 2012, five young people from 17 to 20 years old were killed

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A very short sentence for the Madrid Arena

The promoter of Halloween party held at Madrid Arena on November 1, 2012, Miguel Ángel Flores, will enter prison next week to serve a four-year prison sentence for a crime of reckless homicide. A very short penalty if one takes into account that five young people between 17 and 20 years old died that fateful morning crushed in a vomitorio of municipal pavilion.

Next to him will be head of municipal company Madrid Spaces and congresses, Francisco del Amo; The director of Diviertt, promoter of festival, Santiago Rojo; The chief of staff of this company, Miguel Ángel Morcillo, and a partner of security firm Kontrol 34, Carlos Manzanares.

The overcapacity of some 6,000 people and lack of security measures led to a deadly avalanche. It took almost half an hour to rescue trapped. The five victims died crushed and suffocated. Some on spot. Ors spent some days in hospital. A total of 29 people were injured of varying consideration. Behind, eagerness to earn money through selling more tickets.

The current criminal law states that killings for recklessness have a sentence of between one and four years in prison. It's same as a single person dies. or that thousand. Its author will only answer for maximum that article 142 of Penal code contains. No greater conviction is allowed. As a reckless offense, it is almost impossible to apply aggravating factors that increase number of years in prison. A similar case is given with road safety offenses, when a kamikaze or drunk driver gets in car and kills or innocents who circulate correctly.

The worst thing is that condemned will not fulfill even maximum penalties imposed by Audiencia Provincial of Madrid. It is enough for m to pass between two years and eight months or three years for flowers to reach probation. Or culprits will get it even sooner. Very little time if we consider that five young people saw ir lives reaped. The fun of a Halloween dawn was transformed into tragedy.

Some will say that three years, or even four, in a prison is a long time. That time stops in a prison and that end of sentences is to resocialize and re-educate prisoner. I'm sure se arguments are not understood by parents of se young women.

Therefore, a legislative change is imposed and murder of se deaths begins in application of intentional homicide. The promoter of party knew he was producing a deadly risk and assumed it for his courage to profit. The big difference is that, if considered guilty, it would have fallen to 75 years in prison, which is an effective 20-year compliance. The judges have applied law imposing maximum penalty that it allows m, but behind are families, friends and companions of se five young people. The authors will leave before or after street. They, alas, will never.

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