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A web tailored for the most senior unattended

The Endesa Foundation and the MasHumano group create Savia, a platform for those over 50 years of age who are looking for work

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A web tailored for the most senior unattended

Although senior's unemployment rate falls below average (16.7%), for Marcel Jansen, economist and professor at Autonomous University of Madrid, biggest problem lies in difficulty of rejoining labor market. "With loss of employment, largest of 50 have many difficulties in rehiring m, often accumulate years unemployed and run risk of losing connection with labor market. Research shows that older people are more difficult to get out of unemployment than those with similar knowledge but younger, "he says. According to study population particularly vulnerable to employment in Spain, quantification and characterization conducted by Fedea, Accenture and toger for employment, in 2016 47% of people especially vulnerable at risk of staying unemployed were Over 50 years old.

More information
  • Unemployment fell in April at 86,683 people and membership went up at 176,373
  • "I was a scholar, n precarious, n a scholar, n precarious. Now I am self-employed "
  • The services sector attracts nearly eight out of 10 workers in Spain

To improve employability, SAP platform – which has cost "about 600,000 euros"-brings toger job offers, training courses and is a meeting point for senior workers and agencies looking for a more specialized talent, among Those who are portals of employment, companies and even NGOs. "In first week we had 2,000 job offers and we are incorporating 1,500 from Randstard," explains Manel Naharro, head of project. At moment, platform incorporates offers from portals Infojobs, Infoempleo, and Jobandtalent and is in conversations with Google.

Parrilla, who worked as a consultant, decided to become self-employed by not finding anor way to return to labor market. "I do some projects sporadically, but I don't have a job in full, which is what I'm looking for. I only ask to work, "he laments. After two years without employment has been released in SAP, to know what ir strengths and what has to improve to be more attractive for companies. "When you face labor market after taking so many years you know little and you have to learn to move in that environment and that new reality," he says. From Savia propose to seniors to make a roadmap with five stages that correspond to initials of platform: Serenity (It focuses on seeing situation with perspective); Analysis (self-diagnosis to be known); Vision (to bet on formation), impact (to be visible for companies) and alliance (to contact directly with organisms).

Moreover, one of most important parts is training offers, which as well as those of employment are segmented for over 50 years and look for people with "more than 20 years of experience". "The strong point of this collective is experience and knowledge, but y become expensive in terms of salary, so we insist that you have to be flexible," explains Naharro adds that a senior looking for employment has to face that his former job post Garlic is going to be paid "between 20 or 25% less".

For its part, Jansen maintains that wage adjustment has already been carried out in labour market, so it ensures that measures are to be sought to make hiring of se collectives economically more attractive "without leading m to poverty". "Much more involvement of social partners is needed and it is important to break down taboos, even if it goes through involving private intermediaries." In just five days platform had 20,000 accesses and 1,200 records of seniors, almost half of target that was marked by end of year.

The platform encourages users to stay active and not let mselves be overcome by situation. For Jansen, when a person is left without a job "it is necessary to incentivize from first moment intense search of employment". "Those who during first stage of ir unemployment did not seek work have paid a very high price," he says. The most important thing, y argue from SAP, is to remember that you have to turn job search into a job.


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