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Abuses in the cinema

The initiative of a group of Spanish filmmakers who ask to create a forum to analyze if there are abuses deserves to be supported

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Abuses in the cinema

The scandal that has shaken world of cinema after dozens of actresses have made public that suffered harassment by powerful producer Harvey Winstein has uncovered a reality that, although it has developed under glamour of Hollywood, is no longer As sordid as anywhere else. Sexual harassment has occurred in context of abuse of power and guilty tolerance of environment, which knew se excesses and never solidarized with victims. In this respect, it is to be greeted that at least director Quentin Tarantino has sung something like a mea culpa by recognizing that he knew enough to do more than he did.

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As in case of child abuse in Catholic Church, existence of rigid vertical power structures gives abusers ideal conditions to persist in ir conduct. In case of cinema, se structures are not as closed as those of church, but y are equally strong because y are mediated by economic interests. Some of women complainants paid with exclusion in new deals ir refusal to have relations with producer.

The scandal has led many or actresses to reveal similar situations. Anor 38 women, for example, have revealed that y have been victims of abuse by American film director James Toback, indicating that known cases may be just tip of iceberg. Therefore, a group of Spanish filmmakers gared in Valladolid on occasion of Seminici have called for creation of a forum to address this issue. Professional structures, such as film academy, must give m support and means necessary to tackle this delicate mission. Only if a climate of widespread rejection is created for this type of practice, women who work in cinema will be able to face a harassment that often comes from people with decision-making power.

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