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After his deceased spouse, he went on to work: opened to Europe

After the death of Denizlili businessman Osman Nuri Sözkesen, in the debt of the company, the head of his wife Ilknur, which was the beginning of the firm, has entered the sector among the best in Europe for 9 years. Sekhar Sengupta ' I was able to overcome all the difficulties because I was positive. I never set a negative sentence, ' he said.

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After his deceased spouse, he went on to work: opened to Europe

Denizlili textile exporter Osman Nuri In aftermath of death of his wife by cooperating with his children, Ilknur, who has inherited company in debt, has re-established in 9 years.

  • Combining ir lives in university years, after education y have seen in Japan, started to export with garment company, pair of Japanese production model that Turkey has not yet met quickly raised ir jobs.

In Denizli, which is production center of towels and bathrobes to meet needs of paint shop and entering facility investment in most difficult days of his life after sudden death of Osman Nuri Sözkes'in, in contrast to expectations of two-handed business.

In order to enlarge his wife's inheritance, he also included 3 children aged 17, 21 and 23, and ir brides after joining family, promising a great deal of struggle, in last 9 years, facility in Europe's largest towel paint finishing facility .

  • The 30 thousand square meters of closed area located in Gümüşehir District in Gumusler District, facility promises to come with 250 employees, challenges and point where y came.

His wife died on 7th of October 2009, saying that day was a turning point for him, despite pain he had with his husband and his family and employees to provide a great struggle to keep work he founded, he said.

"We've always had difficulty"

Voicing a lot of difficulties during training y saw in Japan along with his wife, he said:

"We stayed in Japan for education until 1985 years. We had hard times, and we studied and worked. My wife used to be a dishwasher, and I used to be a cashier at bakery. We used to make our own bread at home. Then re were some difficulties. We built a garment company. Starting with 5 people, this company was only export organization of city. We were just sewing and selling bathrobes. We are first to learn and implement Japanese management in Turkey. And with this effect, things have grown rapidly. "

  • "It was a journey from yarn to Confucius, explaining that y had set up ir own painthouses and weaving facilities to respond to incoming requests. After our Boyanhaniz was established, it grew rapidly, "he said.

The work he enters with his wife, he always prefers to remain in background, and after his wife's death, expressed that he could not recover himself for a while, in this process, his children, his employees and business world of Denizli, he sees great support Passed.

The promised, said:

"After losing my wife in 2009, I had a hard time. Thanks to my children, we've gared company. Our team hasn't been scattered. They all gave me support. We've all been disciplined without a breakup. We had to close organizations that didn't profit because we had to. I never thought about quitting. Discipline and motivation are very important in business life. You'll never leave m. I was able to overcome all difficulties because I was positive. The conversations with my children and my employees have always been positive. I never set a negative sentence. "


The promise is that y pay most of ir debts to banks, noting that some of payments are ongoing within configuration, and that y are developing existing paintwork with new machines, trying to produce high value-added products Told.

Selected Best product in U.S.

The company, which can paint 25 tons of fabric per day in year, has reached 50 tonnes today, noting, "Our factory is being painted and manners of 16 thousand tons of fabric annually. We have become largest dyehouse in Europe and Turkey with this number. We are an environmentalist factory thanks to our joint treatment plant. We're getting back half water we use daily. So we've saved half water. We are only company in Turkey to do this application, "he said.

In United States, which was produced by an industry magazine last year, "Best product" was selected by a sector of pyjamas that prevents perspiration, said, noting that y predict growth in future technical textiles.


Economy in Ismek gave a job to 100 people

The economy was most profitable of his own business.

Economy gains 60 thousand pounds of black gold annually


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