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After the ' procés '

The Catalan elections of 21-D must allow to choose better rulers

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After the ' procés '

In its most rudimentary sense, democracy is system that allows citizens to cast out bad rulers and to put ors who can do better in ir place.

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The detailed story that this newspaper publishes today on how ceased Puigdemont was unable to find political courage to convene autonomous elections despite having all guarantees that reby avoid application of article 155 leaves no doubt About absolute disaster that has been ir management and that of ir government partners. The improvisation, recklessness and negligence of ceased Govern have led Catalonia to a historical setback in self-government, coexistence, prestige and wellbeing: It is now up to citizens to judge wher those responsible must continue or leave.

After 21-D, Catalonia will need leaders of height; Politicians capable of leaving aside personalistic and party interests, capable of agreeing and, above all, competent to restore battered coexistence of citizens. This is one of evidence that passes through multitude of uncertainties that pre-election poll of Metroscopia that today publishes this newspaper.

It is essential to recognize that path of unilateral rupture has failed and is exhausted

Because in face of complication that would entail possible technical tie 21-D between independence or separatist parties and so-called constitutionalists, important, whoever governs, is to recognize that procés, understood as bet by The unilateral rupture has failed and is exhausted.

The scenario that se choices outline is going to be very different from that experienced in last forty years, although correlation of forces between independenceists and constitutionalists may not vary substantially. ERC, a party that has been occasionally residual can become, for first time in this democracy, in most voted party and citizens, new-form formation, can consolidate its second position by collecting votes from its right and left. Along with this, 21-D can visualize collapse of formerly hegemonic convergence (today Junts per Catalunya), sunk in corruption and condemned by ineptness of two of its worst leaders: Artur Mas and Carles Puigdemont.

Most Catalans aspire to a negotiation with central government that improves so-called "lace" of Catalonia in Spain, but this survey indicates that, before that, main challenge is that Catalans resolve among m ir difficulties and Misunderstandings. The situation, after devastating challenge of independence, has polarized Catalan society and has been a serious crisis of Spanish state.

These upcoming autonomic elections are most important, probably from 1980. But not everyone seems to live up to it. The Secretary general of PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, for example, calls to overcome " dynamics of Blocks", which would be very positive, but denies in advance any possibility of pact with citizens for "being orange half of PP". Thus it pushes PSC of Miquel Iceta, which according to poll could improve its results The 21-D, to a dead end just when this has pergeñado a list transversal and multi-party in which dominates, in line with majority sentiment of Catalans , desire to definitively bury unilateral rupture of independenceists and dynamics of conflict that have imposed an exhausted society.

Sánchez's refusal to agree with citizens pushes PSC to a dead end

The position of Sánchez not only does not facilitate agreements but is incoherent: it rejects citizens by right wing while seeking to benefit from vows of heirs of conservative formation United Democratic. Sanchez should clarify his ambitions for Catalonia because this survey also indicates that his citizens want certainties, no more uncertainties.

Regarding people's Party of Catalonia, poll draws probable collapse of government party which, after years of inaction, has been forced to apply article 155. The 21-D can turn CFP into a residual party (along with CUP's anticapitalists) in front of a citizens rewarded for ir firm position. The PP needs a deep reflection. The majority of Spaniards, as well as that of Catalans, applauded ir call for elections within framework of 155, but ir indecisions add corruption and lack of word, eir to reform Constitution, eir to negotiate a better and more just Regional funding, this is particularly sensitive in Catalonia, but not only.

Similarly, Catalan electorate seems willing to punish ambiguity of Catalonia in Comú-units Podem, which has broad sympathy in independence electorate despite will of its leaders to be sidelined. Only his possible role as referee, result of pure arithmetic, would rescue him from irrelevance.

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