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Aid for unemployed people facing employment with several communities

The ministry meets this Tuesday with the autonomous directors of work

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Aid for unemployed people facing employment with several communities

Two judgements of Constitutional Court declared illegal management of extraordinary aid to unprepared people approved in crisis. These two failures and popular legislative initiative of unions to create an income for all unpaid unearned people forced government to move tokens at turn of summer. It pledged to submit a rearrangement of aid before end of se two programmes: Employment Activation Programme (PAE) and prepares. This restructuring would also include or aid of last resort for unemployed, active income of insertion (RAI).

More information
  • 60% of unemployed only look for employment in ir region
  • You work in city where you were born? One in three employees Yes
  • More than 1.2 million workers have been unemployed for four years or more

In recent weeks, employment has presented to communities and social agents basic lines of ir proposal. This Monday at a meeting between regional directors general and ministerial leaders, a preparatory meeting of meeting this Tuesday, which already presented articulated text.

The offer unifies all se aid of last resort in a single one, to which it calls complementary income of unemployment (net). In some cases, such as older than 45 years that deplete benefit, it extends period by which y can be charged, elevates it from current variety of situations up to 72 months or six years.

But proposal has not satisfied, for now, neir UGT and CC OO nor all autonomous Communities, specifically nine, in this group are those that governs PSOE and, at least, one more. They believe that offer that makes employment is more apparent than effective. They point out that at first it may seem to extend coverage against unemployment, but when a detailed analysis is made it comes to conclusion that it is not. According to its calculations, it is deduced that in few cases it would improve protection of unprepared.

"There are groups that with lines that have presented us, apparently, are left out of aid. Moreover, we do not have legal text to confirm that it is so, "points out a critical autonomic source. From anor community y are more forceful: "The proposal that has been made is very loose. Leave out many collectives. " Both statements were made before preparatory meeting. In it, former finally received an articulated text that, according to a present source, did not suppose any change on what y already knew.

Among groups that would lose with change, y point in several autonomy, would be some of those who perceive RAI, a help that now collect those who have quoted very little time or who return to labor market. In February, y perceived 29,746 beneficiaries and assumed 77 million, almost twice as much as those who charged PAE.

Autonomous Counteroffer

Faced with this situation, unhappy communities presented a counter-proposal. As in ministry's offer, three last-resort aids that now exist (RAI, PAE and prepare), "which extends to those under age of 45 years with family burdens," and which would be charged, renewing every six months, while giving circumstances that give Access to help.

Since Ministry of Employment, it is admitted that re is still no agreement, neir with social agents nor with autonomous communities, although y lower importance to misunderstanding. There is also a warning that re is still time to reach an agreement. With this argument y refer to that until April 30 validity of PAE and preparation is prolonged while active income of insertion, most substantial of programs, has no expiration date.


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