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aimlessly diplomacy

Trump ceases the Secretary of State and replaces him with the director of the CIA

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aimlessly diplomacy

In what constitutes most important remodeling of his cabinet — and just over a year after his entry into White House — Donald Trump has ousted his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, and changed director of CIA.

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The measure adds to continuous swings in key positions of Trump administration, eir by dismissal, voluntary resignation or by first disguised of second. The long list of key-post cessations was added last week by economic counselor, Gary Cohn, confirming that volatility and improvisation are main hallmarks of Trump's presidency.

Tillerson, executive director of Exxon Oil and without prior connections with Trump, noted from outset for his calm, long-term vision and desire to maintain balances and traditional alliances of American foreign policy. All this placed him in antipodes of volcanic and aggressive style of Trump and his conception of international relations based on blows of effect and disqualifications on Twitter. The disagreements between two began to leak last October, but it has been in recent weeks when y have become more evident, especially with regard to management of crisis with North Korea — where Tillerson has been treated like nobody by President — and relations with Russia. In last days, Tillerson had harshly criticized Moscow for poisoning on British territory of Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter. His dismissal was made public — how not — through Trump's Twitter account.

At head of secretary of State, Trump has placed Mike Pompeo, so far director of CIA and — while it lasts as such — man of president's absolute confidence. In fact, Pompeo, who belonged to radical Tea party inside Republican Party, was placed in front of intelligence services to replace John Brennan, a convinced that Russia had tried to influence presidential elections in Beats Trump. With Pompeo at head of organism, that line of investigation was abandoned. As a new manager of American diplomatic machinery, Pompeo has already received Presidential Commission to work for "denuclearization" of North Korea.

The cascade of changes is completed with controversial designation of Gina Haspel to lead CIA. Haspel, first woman to take office, oversaw torture of terrorism suspects in secret CIA prisons over past decade and participated in decision to destroy a video on abuses. And although his appointment is not at risk, he must appear before Senate Intelligence Committee and give for first time public explanations of his role in torture.

The profile of appointees, methodology of appointments and numerous antecedents in a year of presidency, indicate that se will not be last changes in an administration characterized by unpredictability and explosive character of its proprietor. Quite opposite of what a world, ever more unstable, needs.

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