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Alarm by Alsasua

The Government of Navarra is seriously mistaken in participating in a demonstration in favour of the aggressors of two civil guards and their partners

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Alarm by Alsasua

The trial of eight alleged aggressors of two civilian guards and ir partners in Alsasua in October 2016 began in national hearing on Monday. It is a controversial case, since prosecution has typified aggression of terrorism, punished with high penalties, against those that minimize what happened qualifying of "bar fight". Around this unfortunate event, however, re are more alarming elements whose gravity far exceeds mere discrepancy of technical-legal opinions.

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Ikurriña in Pamplona (07/07/2017)

The most important of se is unjustifiable attitude of government of Navarre. Uxúe Barkos Executive (Geroa Bai, more EH Bildu, we can and left-Ezkerra) has criticized tax request, has raised its protest to European Commission — in total ignorance of functioning of Community institutions — and, what is more serious, has Convened and led demonstration last Saturday in favor of aggressors. Is this democratic government unaware of separation of powers? Does judiciary also have power to pressure Barkos executive as he has tried to do so just two days before beginning of oral trial?

The explanations offered by Navarrese government itself are inconsistent. "We were where we should be," said spokesman Maria Solana. It would be a credible explanation if same Government had also supported march of this Tuesday in favour of victims of aggression. But he didn't. So Navarre government has been in this case where it should never have been and its explanations are an insult to reason. Because it is one thing to disagree with prosecution and anor very different to sow doubt about judicial independence, to agitate streets with such scarecrow and to treat executioners as victims, strategy thousand times used by terrorism militants and organizations and social policies that y gave him and give him coverage.

Anor serious element, resulting in part from this traditional official collusion with violence, is hostility suffered by police and civil guards in Basque Country and in Navarre. The declaration of victims, corroborated by Foral police, reflects ways of an intolerant society still abducted by xenophobia and complicit silence. It is a tragic trait that government of Barkos seems willing to preserve.

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