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Alarm Signal

The crime of Zaragoza alerts on the current political incitement to hatred

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Alarm Signal

If a militant antisystem and violent assault a Spanish citizen for wearing a tie with colors of national flag, it is easy to guess what was insult that accompanied blows: Facha. It has happened in Zaragoza and aggressor has been identified as Rodrigo Lanza, a violent past in his days of squat in Barcelona. The victim, a 55-year-old man, has died as a result of brutal attack.

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The crime allegedly committed by Rodrigo Lanza is an obvious crime of hatred, an isolated fact, which can no longer be blamed for who committed it, but re are too many symbols that this particular drama shares with those who have been put into play on political scene In recent times. In it, re are insults, burning of flags, disqualification of opposite and a strategy of provocation that seeks to hard violence of opposite side, exaggerating its attacks, to prop up sis itself.

Fortunately, political violence has not been nested in Spain in or places that are sowing extremist formations of one and or color. After decades of terrorism and territorial tensions, Spain remains a peaceful country of low crime rates and, today, no political violence. The number of homicides, downward, does not reach 300 annually. All of m hide a drama behind and many (15%) are part of social scourge of macho violence. The serious homicide of Zaragoza is alarming because it has special connotations when registering in a moment of special political and social tension in which irresponsible leaders do not hesitate to foment hatred. It is a disturbing phenomenon, with epicenter in Catalonia, which, as polls indicate, has become one of most important motives of concern of Spanish society.

However, after crime of Zaragoza re is no plot or political organization ready to sow terror. It responds, according to all indications, to an aggressive and spiteful permeable personality, yes, to dominant schemes of current political confrontation. His background, leaving quadriplegic to one of police who intended to evict him from property that Okupabaed and n adding to public complaints of torture of one of agents who testified against him give account of his scheme of values.

It is to be hoped that slogans of hatred that proliferate today remain incapable of mobilizing negatively Spanish society and that homicide of Zaragoza is in an isolated event, but this should serve at least to reflect on risk of se Confrontational political strategies that are already eroding coexistence. Also, by way, it is an appeal to reflection on anomaly of this country, one of few democracies, not to say only one, which stigmatizes its own flag so viciously. Nationalism, in alliance with Extremisms, has impeded its normalization. In Zaragoza, a disturbed mind has identified its colors in some suspenders as enemy to kick.

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