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Albert Rivera: From everything to nothing

The arrival of Sánchez to Moncloa and the leadership of Casado neutralize the Orange Party

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Albert Rivera: From everything to nothing

The disorder of Spanish political scene should be especially traumatic to Albert Rivera, whose presidential horizon in Moncloa has both blurred shortcut of Pedro Sanchez as proclamation of Pablo Casado has just done.

He's not a mere spectator, Rivera. Or it hasn't been. The precipitation of national political map comes precisely from its negligent management of motion of censure. It did not seem plausible that it would materialize, but withdrawal of citizens to support of Rajoy granted him an energy and an opportunity to which put banderillas of fire cynicism of PNV.

It was a hurry to Rivera. I obcecaron polls. And he underestimated Sanchez's ability as much as atoned aversion of Basque nationalists. Rivera observed in agony of Rajoy opportunity to apply to Moncloa, but impatience of succession process predisposed a scenario that seemed delirious at end of May: Pedro Sánchez, President of Government; Pablo Casado, helmsman of Genoa 13 as gravedigger of Marianism.

They represent leader of PSOE and PP a perfect antagonism, but rivalry emphasize precisely pincer of convenience to arrogance of Albert Rivera and isolation of citizens. Not only because superstition of old bipartisanship has been restored, but because married constitutes a concrete threat in discourse of constitutional fervor, patriotic pride, conspiracy to Catalan sovereignty, territorial unity, liberalism Economic and promise of lowering taxes. Pablo Casado neutralizes Rivera in Telegenia, in media ubiquity, in Efebocracia. It could be said to be a better Rivera than Rivera himself. and equipped with a political and parliamentary apparatus whose dynastic and renovation proves originality of orange leader. It cannot be said that married is old policy. Nor that he is accomplice of corruption.

The only way to differentiate itself would be to raise doctrinal dandruff that married has incorporated into his investiture speech. The religious-moral obscurantism, call to procreation, definition of "Party of life"-as if to defend euthanasia and abortion portray in its ferocity mefistofélica to parties of death-broom to PP to a course of starboard which highlights speech Social and cultural more uninhibited citizens. Rivera could and should be exsanded in centre's fishing grounds, to nuance secularism, to rub PP approach of regression, but it also happens that PSOE has grown a lot since flag of Rose wave in Moncloa, manages at his whim inertia of power and has left To represent an experimental or reckless choice among voters who put prudence to ideology.

It is not a question of condemning scrapping of citizens or Frivolizar with merits of party of Albert Rivera, but key to politics is not only to choreograph right project and ideal person, but to enforce m at right time. It's a chance. An example that dislocates Rivera completely to nothing.

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