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The harassment of the Government to the aldermen loyal to the Estatut broke the peace municipal

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The harassment of Government to aldermen loyal to Estatut broke peace municipal

One of worst initiatives that have been taken by Government of Generalitat of president Carles Puigdemont has been to involve mayors catalans in ir illegal plan referendum.

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Not only has asked m to support to give local and quartermaster to facilitate this call judicially suspended. It has been ordered, in an abusive overflow of its powers of supervision over local Administration.

Not only what has been ordered, but has encouraged his followers to increpen councilmembers loyal to Estatut, that pressure, that overwhelming, that to act against m as y operate organisers of escraches. And of course, that slogan has already had echoes dramatic, with insults and threats to munícipes dignísimos that only appear submissive to orders illegal, and abusive of Government, something that today in Catalonia is coming to be unfortunately a heroism.

With good reason, Núria Martín, mayor of second Catalan city, l'hospitalet del Llobregat, recommended that president: “Let me quiet mayors”, something that Puigdemont heard in Day as if to hear rain. With reason socialist mayors have claimed it in an act of massive institutional respect.

True that attempt of Puigdemont and yours to protect yourself after mayors secessionist as a human shield bankruptcy institutional peace; Catalan threatens social harmony; and constraining minimum degree of cohabitation required of leadership of Catalan at all levels.

But in your (cynical) disclaimer remember that municipal autonomy was never well appreciated by nationalism of convergence and union; that government of catalonia Jordi Pujol has dismantled Corporation of Barcelona Metropolitan — grouping of a dozen neighbouring municipalities of capital— for that will not do competition; who organized district councils to empty of power to municipalities in medium and large and centrifugarlos in favour of councillors of nationalism dominant in small rural villages, in certain cases of descent of carlist movement...

So what now happens is a step furr, if you want a caricature, contempt for institutional increased for breath of secesionismo. Contempt for judicial system, which is intended to acogotar and put under mandate of Executive in laws of disconnection; contempt for Parliament, as is appreciated in ft of rights and law resources to all members of opposition in his (jibarizado) debate. Contempt finally to municipal power which does not communicates with its mill wheels.

se unfortunate snares, which had appeared in vivid, public expression, and had been generally reason of repudiation of popular, been followed by a judicial proceeding which has been used by secesionismo to try to cover up ir aggression towards mayors free.

The performance of prosecutor's office, initiating subpoena as a researcher of mayors who have acted illegally by declaring himself willing to provide municipal facilities to query, it may seem a drastic step, but it is inevitable from prism of (required) compliance with judgments and rulings of Constitutional Court.

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