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All responsibilities

Two tasks fight against the extortion of Villarejo and against unworthy behaviors

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All responsibilities

The arrest of retired Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo has revealed existence of an extensive network of espionage to businessmen, politicians, journalists and senior officials in which members of State administration could have also participated. For years, network was accumulating data from people it investigated without any legal coverage and for sole purpose of extorting m. The discovery of plot and entry into prison of its main ringleaders has made m seek impunity for same procedure with which y sought for ir clients: revealing committed information about relevant personalities Of State, and in particular on alleged illegalities committed by King Emeritus, Juan Carlos I.

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The severity of blackmail not only derives from content of information revealed, but from fact that its objective is to make executive or justice, in addition to press of which Extortioners serve, cease to fulfil ir respective duties, in order to avoid , or to precipitate, a new crisis in a political context like one that crosses Spain.

The intolerable pretence of Commissioner Villarejo and his own can only prosper if any of instances to which y seek to engage in blackmail gives greater relevance to information revealed than to way it was obtained, because it is in that Difference where y trust to find impunity. If court considers that information revealed is sufficient evidence to proceed, both extremes — information and way to obtain it — would be of identical severity and would have to be addressed with judicial, political and journalistic rigour. Equivalent, for different reasons.

It is necessary to debug performance of ministerial positions that have concealed Deputy Commissioner

The simple existence of a network such as that established by Villarejo constitutes an intolerable attack against most basic constitutional rights of citizens, such as inviolability of privacy and communications, while alleged cases of Aerated corruption constitutes a perhaps criminal use of high State judiciaries. One more case to add to long list of shameful acts committed by different powers over years.

The courts have to take letters in both matters, defending, on one hand, citizens of this kind of extortion, and, on or, preserving constitutional system, by way of debugging, from ir own rules, possible behaviors Illicit of those who had, and have today also, duty to represent it with dignity.

The clarification of network's performance cannot be confined to Commissioner Villarejo and his alleged accomplices, also policemen. To extent that y were able to operate with knowledge of one or several Interior holders, it is necessary to know and determine responsibilities of which ministerial offices could cover m or even to use ir services for benefit of ir own interests, personal or political.

The investigation of former head of state would not question form of government

With regard to information aired by network, and in particular that referred to former head of state, to be finally investigated by courts, it can trigger an institutional crisis. Hiding it would be foolish, as well as tackling it from mistaken political budgets and initiatives that confuse planes at stake. What an eventuality like opening of an investigation or a judicial process against a president puts in question is not continuity of a form of government, monarchy in this case, but capacity of political system to purify responsibilities and Punish illicit behaviors irrespective of who or who ir perpetrators are. Only if it were revealed unable to do so would system lose legitimacy, because it would be finding that in ir interior y weigh more interest groups than commitment to laws, against which all citizens are equal.

The solution, however, should not be confused with any catharsis, but with cold and rigorous application of rules. Because opposite would be as much as closing a dangerous business: to deliver a political system that is of all those who, at one end or anor, have been able to use it in ir own exclusive benefit.

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