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Alliance crumbles

Donald Trump uses NATO to vapulear his allies.

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Alliance crumbles

NATO faces a challenge that comes not from an external threat, but from one who should be its main ensurer: United States. The Brussels summit has shown that, oblivious to strategic value it brings to both Europe and America, Donald Trump uses alliance to vapulear his partners.

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The increase in military spending to 4% of GDP that Trump intends to impose on or members to reprimand is only a reflection of deeper questioning. The American president only seems to understand relationship with his European allies in commercial terms. Thus, same reproaches that it throws m to export to USA more than y import — or to buy gas from Russia — move to sphere of defense.

Worse still, Trump has no qualms about manipulating data, as when he claims that his country pays 90% of NATO's spending. This creates a false sense of grievance with respect to European allies. The electoral gains that this strategy can bring to November legislative elections are uncertain. What it does seem certain is that its strategy of damaging a bond that all its predecessors in office have sought to preserve since Second World War weakens it before world and accentuates European distrust.

Europe is bewildered by this incomprehensible American outward drift. The EU's rulers, prisoners of ir own internal quarrels, doubt when it comes to planting Trump's overwhelming speech and, in order not to feed tensions, y opt in public for prudence. But waiting for better times--anor American leader who can redirect relationship in future--try to reinforce himself on sidelines of Washington. The EU's defense integration projects are a clear indication that Community club has lost confidence in its historic Atlantic ally.

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