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Almost a million micro-enterprises in Spain still don't have Internet

Only 4.5% of companies with less than ten workers sold through the web, according to the survey of the use of technologies of the INE

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Almost a million micro-enterprises in Spain still don't have Internet

Only 4.5% of companies with less than ten workers sold through web, according to survey of use of technologies of INE

With fourth technological revolution in making, 29.8% of companies with less than ten workers in Spain has no connection to Internet, according to survey of use of information technologies and communications and electronic commerce company, released this Thursday by National Statistics Institute (INE) with data, 2017.


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This figure reveals that conditions of Spanish business fabric, where re is an abundance of very small firms of services of low value-added and, refore, do not feel need to use new technologies. If we look at past records of central companies directory of INE, that one of every three means that approximately 930.000 companies in Spain do not have connection. All of m with less than ten employees.

on or hand, companies that do have connection to Internet are improving ir presence in network. To point that, among those with more than ten employees, approximately eight of every ten have a website of your own and half takes advantage of so-called social media. And of se who use social media, nearly 95% used social networks, this is Facebook, LinkedIn, Tuenti, Google+, Viadeo or Yammer, among ors. And 40 percent have blogs or microblogs such as Twitter,, Blogger, or Typepad. Anor 40% manage websites that share multimedia content such as Youtube, Flickr or Picassa. And a 10% employs tools to share knowledge-based Wiki.

This increased use of new technologies is leading to developments that have taken during past few years purchases and sales made by enterprises with more than ten employees through Internet: according to INE, electronic sales of se companies already accounted for in 2016, 16.6% of total, above 11.5 per cent recorded in 2009. And electronic purchases from se companies ranged in 2016 20.7% of total, compared to 15.5% that y represented in 2009. According to data handled by survey, volume of sales reached in 2016 228.323 million euros, 4.6% more than in 2015. And shopping is scored 199.324,6 million euros, 1% more. Despite improvement and that se numbers are found on a line similar to rest of european countries, experts point out that se figures reveal a significant delay with respect to united States. That is to say, Europe is lagging behind in this important race. In fact, industry sources suggest that spaniards on all buy Online to foreign companies such as Amazon.

And problem seems to be still higher in Spain because it is a country of small businesses. Not even sme. According to INE data, 95% have less than ten employees, that is to say, micro. And among firms with less than ten workers, only 15.7% of total held in 2016 purchases by e-commerce and just 4.5 per cent sold over Internet. While se figures imply an improvement over 11.2% and 2.6% recorded in 2009, respectively.

"it Is true that small companies in Spain do not feel need to use new technologies. However, se are useful for everyone. Even for business of low value-added. A hotel or a bar, do not present much value added, but instead can benefit greatly from use of Internet", underlines a source in sector.


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