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Alpha males combine in Madrid

Churches, Errejón and Espinar unite against Carolina Bescansa and present a male list for which they promise to incorporate a woman

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Alpha males combine in Madrid

How little good intentions sometimes last when one has to face hard reality. We have long been able, which so much criticized "old politics", has demonstrated with its procedures how Presto was to betray his renewing spirit. But spectacle that has just been offered in Madrid not only reproduces old ways, but touches ridicule. Because that picture of three leaders, three very young and planted males, with ir backs to a poster that reads "We" marking feminist idea of can, is a symbol of hypocrisy that so many are able to deploy when it comes to sharing power.

In that photo occupies center Max leader, Pablo Iglesias. To his right, Íñigo Errejón, future candidate for community of Madrid. On your left, Ramón Espinar. All three have come to a pact to present list to community primaries. But women — how heavy — and those who believe in equality have made party a little dull. Because spokesperson for training in assembly, Lorena Ruiz-Huerta, has refused to be part of that list and to cover a pact so testosterónico. The churches mselves have taken care of it to appear so. In face of rebellion of Carolina Bescansa, in hands of Errejón, taking Madrid and facing leader, this has offered an illustrative explanation: "I have listened to Errejón and I trust him". The word and honor of a man, you know, is indisputable, a solidarity and fraternal value, although until day before yesterday both were fighting Roosters in ir dispute over power.

It is a bit unfair to accuse we can of machismo versus parties such as PP where re are not even female quotas, y are useless on or hand when last word of everything happens has unique and undisputed Supreme leader Mariano Rajoy . But now we know that even in most youthful political experiments this equality is first thing that decays. It is so secondary that even most futuristic and imaginative minds devise intelligent spaceships and androids with whom men are cast toger and women who, at best, accompany m in ir adventures from a lower plane.

Lorena Ruiz-Huerta has sent baton to his males Fellow of can for his eagerness, says, to distribute armchairs instead of debating programs, to possibility of disriding Cristina Cifuentes (PP) of Madrid Presidency. In case re was any doubt about who or who will send in Madrid, number three on list, Espinar, already warned that number two would be a woman. Is it not uncommon for leader to pact with third party and n decide on second on board? Zipper System obliges. Yesterday was offered name of award-winning: formerly Wayward Tania Sanchez.

This of expressing itself promising a woman in a position is a very misunderstood feminism because it indicates that all women are homologable since to be chosen gender to which y belong. The PSOE stole its support from Elena Valenciano as leader of European Socialists, but Pedro Sanchez promised that for next legislature will propose to a woman. That's power yet. Very masculine and very conservative in certain matters.

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