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Amazon searches in Spain autonomous car-reparters at 14 euros per hour

The company will launch the Amazon Flex distribution system, with which it already operates in the United States and the United Kingdom and which involves collaborating instead of employees

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Amazon searches in Spain autonomous car-reparters at 14 euros per hour

Amazon e-commerce company is preparing to launch in Spain Amazon Flex, a system that will look for self-employed workers who have ir own vehicle to distribute packages of company for up to 14 euros an hour. "Receive up to 28 euros per block of two hours", says website. The service "is in phase of activation in Madrid in short term, waiting to get workers", according to sources of company. Amazon Flex already operates in United States and United Kingdom.

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The system, similar to that used by courier companies Glovo or Deliveroo, (a way to have a large legion of workers without making m a labor contract to use) works through a mobile application for Android and IOS. Although service is not yet active, on web and allow you to register interested to work with m and download app on phone. To be able to register company requires to be more than 18 years with Spanish driver's license and have a car of medium size "like a sedan of 4 doors or a similar vehicle". The company assures that service "will help improve delivery rates" of its packages and "it is already popular among thousands of deliveries partners" in countries where it operates, but it does not offer data on how many autonomous deliverers it has.

The e-commerce company is booming in Spain and ensures "in two hours" deliveries with its Amazon "Prime Now" service, which increases its need to have deliveryers. The battle in world of online purchases is measured in speed at which it is sent home, where Amazon imposes pace, while online purchases continue to increase and it is anticipated that a quarter of Christmas spending of 2017 campaign is made online , according to Deloitte. Without going any furr, this Black Friday online sales grew 18.4% front a year ago, according to Adobe Analytics, and Amazon is by far main beneficiary.

From Amazon ensure that Flex program offers participants opportunity to "download Amazon Flex application, be evaluated and start delivering packages as independent delivery partners using Amazon technology to support ir services of delivery. " Sources of company explain that service is complementary, so y continue to use "hundreds" of transport companies around world.

Expenses, on your own screenshot of Amazon Flex website where app is displayed.

Despite company offering employment with a remuneration of "up to 24 euros per block of every two hours", workers have to take charge of expenses such as petrol and maintenance of vehicle. In addition, as self-employed, we add quota that y must pay when registering for Social security. Sources of company explain that it is posed as a part-time job, and that blocks that each person can work "depend on availability and demand of client".

Companies with similar services like one that Amazon Flex expects to implant, like Glovo or Deliveroo — this last known because its workers deliver food by bicycle — y face controversy over working conditions of ir workers. Thus, in Deliveroo, riders, as is known to workers, protested this summer for working conditions of company, demanding a minimum wage and a minimum of 20 hours of work weekly. For its part, Deliveroo announced in June a new "model of collaboration" for its deliveryers. The contract promised an average revenue of 10.5 euros an hour, 5% more than framework of previous collaboration, and mark a fixed payment per order.

On or hand, sources from Amazon assure that " company is concerned about complying with legal aspects and working conditions of each country", so y are not worried about having problems of this type with ir workers.


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